The Emperor's New Clothes

Read by Phil Chenevert

(4.3 stars; 16 reviews)

This is a collection of a few of my personal favorite stories by Hans Christian Andersen that I most loved as a child and still enjoy as an adult. The Emperor's New Clothes was funny from my earliest years because even then I could see that it poked fun at adults and their silly pretensions; The Ugly Duckling I think, was enjoyable because the bullied little one turned out so well and it had a happy ending although I thought even as a child that the protagonist should have gone back and brought those mean barnyard fowl down a peg or two. Little Tiny or Thumbellina is just a sweet story with adventure thrown in and The Brave Little Tin Soldier was and is a tribute to bravery and steadfastness. The last story, There Is No Doubt About It ! was so obviously silly and fun even to a young child and frankly, I just love the way the animals talk in this story. (summary by the reader) (1 hr 23 min)


The Emperor's New Clothes 11:28 Read by Phil Chenevert
The Ugly Duckling 24:46 Read by Phil Chenevert
Thumbellina 29:03 Read by Phil Chenevert
The Brave Little Tin Soldier 11:44 Read by Phil Chenevert
There is No Doubt About It 6:37 Read by Phil Chenevert


Enjoyable classics

(5 stars)

This reminded me of the movie where Danny Kaye played Hans Christian Andersen and told the story of the Little Mermaid. Anyway, these stories are all classics that you have probably read in one form or another over the years. It is nice tho to listen to the tale and make the pictures in your own mind. Reader = always excellent! PS - 399 reviews! Should hit 400 in the next day or so. :-)

(5 stars)

My daughter loves Phil Chevenert as a reader. His voices are wonderful.