Winds of Doctrine: Studies in Contemporary Opinion

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Even before the Great War turned the world upside down, Western civilization was being revolutionized at all levels: intellectually, philosophically, artistically. Noted positivist philosopher George Santayana published this volume on the eve of the War, trying to portray the status of philosophy and theology at that moment by analyzing six significant topics:
1. the intellectual "temper" of the age
2. the clash between Modernism and Christianity
3. the new idealism of Henri Bergson
4. the new skepticism of Bertrand Russell
5. Shelley's fusion of philosophy and poetry
6. the so-called "genteel" tradition in American philosophy.
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a minor correction

(5 stars)

RE: the Summary, Santayana was definitely not a "positivist" as that term in ordinarily understood; perhaps we can call him a "speculative naturalist." Anyway, thanks for recording this, a clear and listenable reading style.