The Talleyrand Maxim

Read by Kevin Green

(4.7 stars; 487 reviews)

John Mallathorpe, a wealthy Yorkshire industrialist and land owner dies in an accident, apparently without making a will. His estate goes to his wife and two children and they live the good life for a number of years. However, an old bookseller, whilst clearing some old books passed on from the Mallathorpe estate, finds a copy of Mallathorpe's will inside one of the books, and unfortunately for the family the will bequeaths the whole estate minus a small endowment for the family, to the city authorities. The bookseller takes the will to the local solicitor to seek advice, but unfortunately dies in the solicitor's office. The clerk on duty sees an opportunity to benefit himself from the knowledge of the existence of the will.
This is a gripping detective story, with many twists and turns, based in Edwardian England.
- Summary by Kevin Green (6 hr 56 min)


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(5 stars)

Mr. Green does a great job reading. The story held my attention to the very end. The lust for money will make people do what they know is wrong then try to justify their actions. Of course, the temptation is understandable and we are made to understand. But how great are the characters who were able to fight it.

Good story

(4.5 stars)

A good story well read. The events in the story are well linked and logically follow one another. There is no 'suspense building' as such - more of the 'Columbo' variety where the reader is made privy to the machinations of the villain as the story goes along. I can't believe some folks have issues with the reading! It is of professional quality with the reader trying out a bunch of accents and voices. Bravo!

A fabulous story full of twists and surprises.

(5 stars)

A fabulous story excellently written and beautifully read. I couldn't put it down. Thank you!

A clever Mystery

(4 stars)

This is a bit dry in parts, as if Author didn't quite know how to easily tie all the components of the mystery together. Some characters were unnecessary, yet, overall, I liked it, I really did!

Decent Thriller But It Loses Steam Towards The End

(4 stars)

This one sort of feels like what might have been written if Robert Ludlum was writing thrillers back around 1910. We start with an inscrutable title, and then we move swiftly through a series of imaginitive incidences and coincidences that allows the story's protagonist to weave a rather impressive plot, and sets ups a duel of wits against the forces of evil, and our hero, his girlfriend, and various lawyers and police. The problem is, once the focus shifts from the intriguing and well charactarized anti-hero protagonists, things get much more run of the mill, and the whole thing unravels rather too easily. The reader does an excellent job -- you can tell he was having fun with the story and the various north country accents.

Fantastic mystery!

(5 stars)

The reader was really a professional actor with many different voices that fit the characters very well. This was one of the best mysteries, I spent the whole day listening to it. Couldn't even take a break, it was that good! The heroine was a fine character and so were a few other admirable male characters. It was more the suspense of trying to catch the criminal once he was revealed rather than the mystery not being solved until the end which kept me totally involved. Highly recommended. Thank you to the wonderful volunteer reader.

Compelling story by a compelling writer

(4.5 stars)

A very compelling and complex story neatly told. Not a true mystery, as we are in on most things as they happen, but it has a lot of twists and turns that make for a great story. And since I hadn’t heard of Fletcher before recently discovering him, I think he is a highly underrated mystery writer. Furthermore, the reader of this book is possibly the most enjoyable I have heard, so a good story is complemented by being well read.


(5 stars)

Of all I've listened to so far this has been the most enjoyable. Kevin green is a brilliant and most expressive reader and the story was just great. What a wonderful service librivox is providing. I take it with me on my walks and drives and am looking forward to hearing more from Kevin and other readers. Thank you sincerely Kevin and thank you librivox.