Edgar Allan Poe Poems

Read by Shurtagal

(3.2 stars; 41 reviews)

Edgar Allan Poe (1809 - 1849) is widely famed as one of the greatest writers of all time. He is best known for his works of horror, such as "The Tell Tale Heart." However, and this is less known, Poe also wrote many love poems. In this collection of forty-eight poems by Edgar Allan Poe we will go through a wide variety of themes, from horror and raw creepiness in "The Raven" to pure love in "A Valentine" to depression in "Alone." Throughout all of his poems Poe kept a very strong meter and rhyme scheme. This is most obvious in "The Bells." (Summary by Shurtagal) (1 hr 21 min)


The Raven 7:46 Read by Shurtagal
The Bells 4:09 Read by Shurtagal
Ulalume 4:45 Read by Shurtagal
To Helen 3:36 Read by Shurtagal
Annabel Lee 1:46 Read by Shurtagal
A Valentine 1:11 Read by Shurtagal
An Enigma 0:56 Read by Shurtagal
To My Mother 0:48 Read by Shurtagal
For Annie 2:35 Read by Shurtagal
To F---- 0:51 Read by Shurtagal
To Francis S. Osgood 0:36 Read by Shurtagal
Eldorado 0:54 Read by Shurtagal
Eulalie 1:04 Read by Shurtagal
To Marie Louise (Shew) 1:04 Read by Shurtagal
The City in the Sea 2:23 Read by Shurtagal
The Sleeper 3:01 Read by Shurtagal
Bridal Ballads 1:08 Read by Shurtagal
Lenore 2:13 Read by Shurtagal
To One in Paradise 1:10 Read by Shurtagal
The Coliseum 2:44 Read by Shurtagal
The Haunted Palace 2:05 Read by Shurtagal
The Conqueror Worm 1:36 Read by Shurtagal
Silence 0:58 Read by Shurtagal
Dream-Land 2:13 Read by Shurtagal
Hymn 0:40 Read by Shurtagal
To Zante 0:59 Read by Shurtagal
Sonnet - To Science 0:52 Read by Shurtagal
The Forest Reverie 1:21 Read by Shurtagal
The Valley of Unrest 1:21 Read by Shurtagal
Israfel 1:43 Read by Shurtagal
To ---- 0:41 Read by Shurtagal
To -------- 0:26 Read by Shurtagal
To The River 0:44 Read by Shurtagal
Song 0:50 Read by Shurtagal
Spirits of The Dead 1:33 Read by Shurtagal
A Dream 0:50 Read by Shurtagal
Romance 1:03 Read by Shurtagal
Fairy Land 1:37 Read by Shurtagal
The Lake -- To ----- 1:02 Read by Shurtagal
Evening Star 0:55 Read by Shurtagal
The Happiest Day 1:09 Read by Shurtagal
Imitation 0:53 Read by Shurtagal
Hymn To Aristogeton And Harmodius 0:56 Read by Shurtagal
Dreams 1:59 Read by Shurtagal
“In Youth I Have Known One” 2:00 Read by Shurtagal
A Paean 1:52 Read by Shurtagal
Alone 1:11 Read by Shurtagal
The Village Street 3:09 Read by Shurtagal


(2.5 stars)

This is not the narrator for Poe. It feels like I'm back in the eleventh grade with some pseudointellectual reading out of a textbook. The material is more powerful than his voice allows. It's like getting Justin Beiber when you want James Earl Jones.


(1.5 stars)

I agree with the guy that didn't rate this but seeing as I have to I'll put a 1 1/2 because of the voice but for the poems itself I would give a 4 1/2. I love Poe and his poems and there are some I can listen to for hours on end and others once in a while. The reason I wanted to write this is because I was listening to my favorite poem (Annabel Lee) and the narrator's voice was killing my vibe!!! I don't think this narrator has the right voice for this. Their is depth and emotion in these poems but the person reading them sounds like of mix of unimpressed, distant, and slightly high.

Poe's poems are a mixture of excellent and not entirely listenable.

(0 stars)

Poe does things which, although considered fair at the time, are thought a bit tedious by readers now. Rhyming a word with itself. Repeating lines in close pairs, that sort of thing. Some of his poems are great, and some are just structurally odd and waffly. The read is good, provided you like a particular type of recitation. Now, I didn't, but that's an entirely personal matter of taste and not a criticism. I, personally, would have prefered a read that was slower and sacrificed metre for meaning, and did not force an alien accent where Poe has written in his own accent (When he rhymes "wane" and "again", for example, I'd prefer the pronunciation be a-gain, not ag-in.) That is, however, just me: others will disagree. The reading is clearly enunciated and it is technically fine. I've not given a star rating, because the poetry is well done, provided you like that particular style of recitation, and Poe has some wonderful poems in among the neglibible little bits. I can't sum that up in a simple score out of five.


(1 stars)

Poetry is more than a mass of words rrad with some attention to meter. It should not be read with grade school effort, and it certainly requires good diction. The continual dismissing of ending letters (especially "t") when going to words beginning with vowel sounds completely destroys any reading, but especially poetry. This reader would probably be ok for prose fiction, but not for poetry.

(4 stars)

I loved the reading of the book. Yes, the reader sometimes stutters, but the voice and the manner of reading is perfect. Especially I fell in love with the reading of Raven. He has tragedy in his voice, which I have never found in other readers, but which is so essential for the poem.

not the Edgar Allan Poe i kno ((anh anh ahn ahn)) no no no no

(2.5 stars)

sucks.............. I dawnt like it

(0.5 stars)

horrible reading no emotion and sound like a angry teenager reading his emotions bands lyrics.

no.. do not read poetry anymore

(1 stars)

this guy isn't good in reading poetry.