The Ministry of Intercession

Read by Christopher Smith

(4.7 stars; 69 reviews)

Andrew Murray sub-titled this book "A Plea for More Prayer". In it, he shows how throughout Scripture, in the life of every saint, and that of God’s own Son, and all through Church history, God is, first of all, a prayer-hearing God. He builds upon the truths brought out in his earlier volume “With Christ in the School of Prayer”, by showing firstly that Christ meant prayer to be the great power by which His Church should do its work, and secondly that we have far too little conception of the place that intercession, as opposed to praying just for our own needs, should have in the Church and in the Christian life. The book concludes with some very helpful practical guidelines on intercession. - Summary by Christopher Smith (6 hr 1 min)


Introduction 19:53 Read by Christopher Smith
The Lack of Prayer 15:05 Read by Christopher Smith
The Ministration of the Spirit and Prayer 14:58 Read by Christopher Smith
A Model of Intercession 16:19 Read by Christopher Smith
Because of his Importunity 17:15 Read by Christopher Smith
The Life that can Pray 17:03 Read by Christopher Smith
Restraining Prayer - Is It Sin? 18:52 Read by Christopher Smith
Who Shall Deliver? 20:44 Read by Christopher Smith
Wilt Thou Be Made Whole? 17:47 Read by Christopher Smith
The Secret of Effectual Prayer 17:55 Read by Christopher Smith
The Spirit of Supplication 21:11 Read by Christopher Smith
In the Name of Christ 23:42 Read by Christopher Smith
My God Will Hear Me 16:25 Read by Christopher Smith
Paul a Pattern of Prayer 19:08 Read by Christopher Smith
God Seeks Intercessors 16:59 Read by Christopher Smith
The Coming Revival 17:14 Read by Christopher Smith
Appendix Pt 1 - Pray Without Ceasing: Helps to Intercession 35:10 Read by Christopher Smith
Appendix Pt 2 - Pray Without Ceasing: Helps to Intercession 35:52 Read by Christopher Smith


Highly Recommended!

(5 stars)

This book will bring you to the realization that prayer should indeed be our chief duty and all else should come second. I commend the reader, Mr. Christopher Smith for his wonderful work. May God bless us all! :-)

Prayer - don't miss this!

(4 stars)

Andrew Murray is a treasure. His way of explaining prayer and its practice is unparalleled. The only thing I don't care for here is the prose in the introduction (I prefer it in very brief application). Keep reading and you will find this is one of the best resources on prayer. The narrator Christopher Smith is fantastic and very enjoyable to listen to. This is a high quality reading.

(5 stars)

Excellent encouragement and practical helps on prayer. Fantastic reader!

Inspiring and reviving

(5 stars)

What a great listen! I have listened over and again and still get freshly inspired each time I listen again. This is a great treasure for any true Christian who seeks fruitfulness in Christian service. God bless the author and all who worked to make this priceless treasure to the public. Amen 🙏

For Such A Time As This

(5 stars)

My thanks to the wonderful reader and Andrew Murray for such a good book on intercession. No sooner did I finish it that I listened again. This book is “for such a time as this”.

What a wonderful book about prayer!

(5 stars)

This book is beautifully read by Christopher Smith. This is the best audio book on prayer that I've listened to.

I greatly enjoyed this

(5 stars)

I am made a better Christian because of this book

(5 stars)

Andrew Murray is the best in spiritual life lessons to apply to your life.