Little Men

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(4.6 stars; 247 reviews)

Little Men (published 1871) is considered the second book of the Little Women trilogy written by Louisa May Alcott. (The book Good Wives (1869) was originally the sequel to the novel Little Women (1868), however those two novels are now usually published as a single volume.) The final book of the trilogy is Jo's Boys (1886).

Little Men follows the life of Jo Bhaer and the students who live and learn at the Plumfield Estate School that she runs with her husband. The mischievous kids, whom she loves and cares for as her own, learn valuable lessons as they become proper gentlemen and ladies. We also get cameo appearances of almost all the characters found in the previous books, almost all of them happy and well. (Summary from Wikipedia) (9 hr 44 min)


Nat 22:48 Read by E. Moulton
The Boys 13:57 Read by E. Moulton
Sunday 30:27 Read by E. Moulton
Stepping-Stones 17:49 Read by E. Moulton
Patty Pans 30:15 Read by E. Moulton
A Fire Brand 31:11 Read by E. Moulton
Naughty Nan 16:31 Read by E. Moulton
Pranks and Plays 20:04 Read by E. Moulton
Daisy's Ball 19:44 Read by E. Moulton
Home Again 40:20 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
Uncle Teddy 25:05 Read by katyleah
Huckleberries 44:53 Read by Betsie Bush
Goldilocks 18:36 Read by Mary Anderson
Damon and Pythias 41:38 Read by Mary Anderson
In the Willow 37:10 Read by Mary Anderson
Taming the Colt 20:57 Read by Mary Anderson
Composition Day 27:14 Read by Mary Anderson
Crops 22:08 Read by Mary Anderson
John Brooke 29:28 Read by Mary Anderson
Round the Fire 38:19 Read by Sandra
Thanksgiving 35:54 Read by Mary Anderson


Little Men

(4 stars)

Nearly all of the readers were very good. Some were a little hard to understand or seemed to lose their place momentarily. That said, this is a remarkable service and great fun.

(5 stars)

I was so excited when I heard of Little Men I have already listened to Little Women. Little Men was really hard to find though my library didn’t have it because someone had lost it. I love listening to LibriVox but it doesn’t have every thing sadly overall I love LibriVox and hope you can check it out!

so sweet!!!!

(5 stars)

If you have read Little Women, you will love its sequel, Little Men. It's all about Jo's boys at her school. So press play enter a world full of fun and frolic, but also times of trouble. This sweet book , completely summarises the joys and the hardships of living with young people.

heart warming

(4.5 stars)

I loved this book so much! It was a true sequel of the March family, and paints a wonderful picture of Jo carrying out her dream of running a school for boys. You will laugh and cry over this story!


(5 stars)

If you like little woman you will love this! It’s one of the cutest books ever! I love all the little boys different personalities! Super cute! I would TOTALLY recommend this book to anyone who thinks they might be interested!

just like little woman, only males

(4 stars)

cute book about the daily life in the home for boys, or little men. not really a book a boy would like probably. but cute stuff happens and some good ideas for dealing with children.

Follow up to Little Women

(5 stars)

If you read/listened to Little Women and you enjoyed it, I recommend this follow up book. It is a sweet novel full of lessons to learn, written in Allcot's wonderful writing style.

a great story

(5 stars)

A lovely set of stories, no matter how many times I read or listen to them over the years. Thank you ladies for all the work of recording them.