Sermons on Several Occasions, Second Series

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John Wesley, along with his brother Charles, are credited with founding the Methodist denomination. "The following Sermons contain the substance of what I have been preaching for between eight and nine years last past. Every serious man who peruses these, will therefore see, in the clearest manner, what these doctrines are which I embrace and teach as the essentials of true religion." This second series contains sermons concerning important Christian doctrines and practices. (Summary by TriciaG) (25 hr 45 min)


On Eternity 26:28 Read by MaryAnn
On the Trinity 19:08 Read by MaryAnn
God's Approbation of His Works 22:36 Read by MaryAnn
On the Fall of Man 26:31 Read by Ladypolanna
On Predestination 16:31 Read by TriciaG
God's Love to Fallen Man 27:25 Read by Jacob Paul Starr
The General Deliverance 35:33 Read by Lynne T
The Mystery of Iniquity 42:41 Read by Robert G. Smith
The End of Christ's Coming 31:14 Read by Robert G. Smith
The General Spread of the Gospel 31:01 Read by TriciaG
The New Creation 20:54 Read by Greg Giordano
The Duty of Reproving Our Neighbour 17:38 Read by KHand
The Signs of the Times 20:50 Read by KHand
On Divine Providence 27:56 Read by KHand
The Wisdom of God's Counsels 34:40 Read by TriciaG
The Imperfection of Human Knowledge 39:17 Read by TimoleonWash
The Case of Reason Impartially Considered 30:48 Read by TimoleonWash
Of Good Angels 25:17 Read by TriciaG
Of Evil Angels 30:47 Read by TriciaG
Of Hell 35:48 Read by Bill Mosley
Of the Church 29:35 Read by Bill Mosley
On Schism 23:12 Read by Simon Brouwer
On Perfection 39:46 Read by Larry Wilson
Spiritual Worship 30:43 Read by TriciaG
Spiritual Idolatry 28:57 Read by Greg Giordano
On Dissipation 23:51 Read by Larry Wilson
On Friendship with the World 29:36 Read by MaryAnn
In What Sense We Are to Leave the World 28:49 Read by MaryAnn
On Temptation 24:31 Read by MaryAnn
On Patience 20:02 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
The Important Question 33:06 Read by MaryAnne
On Working Out Our Own Salvation 19:08 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
A Call to Backsliders 41:05 Read by Robert G. Smith
The Danger of Riches 42:12 Read by Larry Wilson
On Dress 29:45 Read by TriciaG
The More Excellent Way 29:47 Read by MaryAnne
An Israelite Indeed 22:56 Read by Christopher Smith
On Charity 26:35 Read by Denise Nordell
On Zeal 25:40 Read by Simon Brouwer
On Redeeming the Time 23:17 Read by Bruce Kachuk
On Family Religion 27:21 Read by Bruce Kachuk
On the Education of Children 35:11 Read by Bruce Kachuk
On Obedience to Parents 27:38 Read by Bruce Kachuk
On Obedience to Pastors 24:00 Read by Bruce Kachuk
On Visiting the Sick 29:05 Read by Bruce Kachuk
The Reward of the Righteous 31:12 Read by TriciaG
On Pleasing All Men 22:50 Read by Larry Wilson
The Duty of Constant Communion 29:06 Read by Larry Wilson
Of Former Times 26:28 Read by Robert G. Smith
What is Man? 18:46 Read by Timothy Watson
On Attending the Church Service 37:14 Read by Bill Mosley
On Conscience 23:17 Read by TimoleonWash
On Faith 23:08 Read by TimoleonWash
On God's Vineyard 30:55 Read by Bruce Kachuk
On Riches 24:04 Read by Bruce Kachuk


(3 stars)

Reader Simon Brouwer is indistinguishable. Does anyone review these or did I just now,?

Great voice and reading

(5 stars)

Great reading. Pleasant to the ear.