Mr Munchausen

Read by Kevin Green

(4.7 stars; 43 reviews)

The author has discovered for us in this volume the present stopping place of that famous raconteur of dear comic memory, the late Hieronymous Carl Friederich, sometime Baron Munchausen, and he transmits to us some further adventures of this traveler and veracious relater of merry tales. There are about a dozen of these tales, and, judging by Mr. Bangs' recital of them, the Baron's adventures on this mundane sphere were no more exciting than those he has encountered since taking the ferry across the Styx. Mr. Bangs proves himself well worthy of the task of reintroducing this merry old wag to modern fun-lovers, and in selecting from the tales the Baron has related to him he has chosen with an eye to the humorous which is unfailing in its clearness and keenness of perception. (Review from Book News, V. 20, 1902) (3 hr 4 min)


Editor's Apology and Dedication 5:07 Read by Kevin Green
I Encounter the Old Gentleman 10:39 Read by Kevin Green
The Sporting Tour of Mr Munchausen 13:53 Read by Kevin Green
Three Months in a Balloon 11:19 Read by Kevin Green
Some Hunting Stories for Children 12:00 Read by Kevin Green
The Story of Jang 12:15 Read by Kevin Green
He Tells the Twins of Fire-Works 11:11 Read by Kevin Green
Saved by a Magic Lantern 12:32 Read by Kevin Green
An Adventure in the Desert 10:51 Read by Kevin Green
Decoration Day in the Cannibal Islands 9:43 Read by Kevin Green
Mr. Munchausen's Adventure with a Shark 10:39 Read by Kevin Green
The Baron as a Runner 12:44 Read by Kevin Green
Mr Munchausen Meets his Match 13:19 Read by Kevin Green
Wriggletto 11:43 Read by Kevin Green
The Poetic June-Bug, Together with Some Remarks on the Gillyhooly Bird 13:13 Read by Kevin Green
A Lucky Stroke 12:59 Read by Kevin Green


cute little stories!

(5 stars)

These stories are cute and very well read. I found myself smiling a lot while listening. Even got some laughs from my 5 year old. Kevin Green is An outstanding narrator!

(5 stars)

Here's a great tonic if you^re feeling "down". Marvelously unP.C.. I smiled from start to finish. Excellently read.

(4 stars)

Enjoyed these short tales easy light listening. Kevin Green does a very good job of reading all these tales , he comes across as the Baron very well. I just like this authors works and find his mild humor entertaining. Well worth a listen when snowed bounded in February.

A very fine reading

(4 stars)

Kevin Green is fast becoming a favourite reader. The material is pretty good, but not really great. 4 stars for the material, 5 for the reading.

(5 stars)

Great read, lot's of fun : enjoyable whether 9 years young or 60+... Thanks!

very well read sorry to get to the end

(5 stars)