Policeman Bluejay

Read by Jude Somers

(4.2 stars; 24 reviews)

This is another "TWINKLE TALE" from Mr. Baum (written under the pen name Laura Bancroft) and celebrates the further adventures of Twinkle and Chubbins as they magically become child-larks and live the exciting, and often dangerous, life of birds in the forest. - Summary by Jude Somers (2 hr 48 min)


Very good message

(5 stars)

It has a very good message. Be kind and compassionate to animals. This book is not dark or graphic. However it is very sad in some parts. The author explains the gruesome facts of hunting on both sides of men and birds. It explains to children in their own way the seriousness of life itself. I definitely would read it to my children. I would wait until they were old enough to understand these sad scenes though. This important for if the child is to young it wouldn't be good for them. Explaining this subject to a child is hard. Mr. Frank however nailed it though. 👍Read the book first before telling it to your kids. It is a very serious story and very sad in some points as I've said before.

awesome book! great reader!

(4.5 stars)

this is a great book, with a great storyline. I would not recommend playing this book for younger listeners. it is a bit gruesome in the parts with the hunters, but it has a great storyline and is a wonderful book with a wonderful reader.


(5 stars)

the book is better but i like it still.

Great Reading, horrendous story!

(1 stars)

I cannot recommend this book to any child or soft hearted adult.It is very graphically violent.