How I Know God Answers Prayer

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(4.7 stars; 68 reviews)

This book is a testimony of how powerful prayer is, how God answers every prayer, even if it is not just how we want it answered. Rosalind Goforth was a missionary to China with her husband and children. She had many, many opportunities to prove God's faithfulness and he never failed her if she was willing to trust him and put her every problem and difficulty in his hands. Her life is a wonderful testimony of what prayer can do! Summary by fiddlesticks (2 hr 58 min)


Forward 3:26 Read by fiddlesticks
Getting Things from God 5:50 Read by fiddlesticks
Early Lessons in the Life of Faith 10:11 Read by fiddlesticks
Go Forward on Your Knees 15:53 Read by fiddlesticks
A God-given Field 18:17 Read by fiddlesticks
Our Deliverance from the Boxers 31:54 Read by fiddlesticks
Proving God's Faithfulness 25:38 Read by fiddlesticks
The Story of One Furlough 18:42 Read by fiddlesticks
Our God of the Impossible 22:36 Read by fiddlesticks
To His Praise! 9:05 Read by fiddlesticks
Victory Found 17:15 Read by fiddlesticks


Still worth the time

(3 stars)

The read has a good voice for this, but the tempo, irregular pattern and cadence kept makes it difficult to follow. The edits are made under different settings than the original and very noticeable. Still, the text is great and it is very much worth a listen.

Nice selection

(5 stars)

Great book. Tells how our a great faith can change all situations in our lives. Narrator did a very good job and I recommend this book to everyone. Thanks to Fiddlesticks I hope she does more books very nice to listen to,and this was my first time hearing her.

worth listening

(3.5 stars)

Although the reader sounded young & sometimes mispronounced words, Mrs. Goforth’s account was well written & it was inspiring to hear all the answers to prayer, especially during the Boxer Rebellion.

Amazing story

(4 stars)

Thank you to the reader for taking the time to record this lovely encouraging book. Lots of insights herewith. God of making possible out of impossible!

great book

(5 stars)

it's a well-read book at a good Pace I really enjoyed the truths that it contains. overall great experience

Encouraging and faith building book. Great. Thank you Fiddlesticks for reading …

(5 stars)

Inspiring account; thank you for reading it so well

(5 stars)

Very inspirational

(5 stars)

Book takes place around the turn-of-the-century previous.