Cupid in Africa

Read by Kevin Green

(4.4 stars; 31 reviews)

Bertram Greene, brilliant student, aesthete, intellectual and shy, decides to make his military father proud of him at last and joins the colonial Indian Army Reserve as a second Lieutenant at the start of Great War. Feeling a complete fish out of water, he is dispatched to India without any training whatsoever, and is expected to take charge of a company of native soldiers. He is then posted to East Africa to join the British fighting force there, and finds out what real soldiering means. This amusing, and at times harrowing tale gives a comprehensive description of the life and conditions of a soldier in the tropics, obviously written by someone who has experienced them. The author, P. C. Wren, is the author of the famous Beau Geste books. (Summary by Kevin Green) (8 hr 45 min)


Major Hugh Walsingham Greene 8:03 Read by Kevin Green
Mr Charles Stayne-Brooker (or Herr Karl Stein-Brucker) 8:35 Read by Kevin Green
Mrs Stayne-Brooker - and her Ex-Stepson 3:47 Read by Kevin Green
Bertram becomes a Man of War 28:01 Read by Kevin Green
And is Ordered to East Africa 29:13 Read by Kevin Green
Preparations 12:20 Read by Kevin Green
Terra Marique Jactatus 30:43 Read by Kevin Green
Mrs. Stayne-Brooker 6:15 Read by Kevin Green
Mombasa 22:35 Read by Kevin Green
The Mombasa Club 16:21 Read by Kevin Green
Military and Naval Manoeuvres, part 1 22:28 Read by Kevin Green
Military and Naval Manoeuvres, part 2 21:45 Read by Kevin Green
Bertram Invades Africa 18:41 Read by Kevin Green
M'paga 14:25 Read by Kevin Green
Food and Feeders 26:15 Read by Kevin Green
Reflections 32:15 Read by Kevin Green
Baking 18:48 Read by Kevin Green
The Convoy 18:07 Read by Kevin Green
Butindi 17:28 Read by Kevin Green
The Bristol Bar 23:07 Read by Kevin Green
More Baking 19:16 Read by Kevin Green
Trial 16:05 Read by Kevin Green
Of a Pudding 17:28 Read by Kevin Green
Stein-Brucker Meets Berram Greene - and Death 17:03 Read by Kevin Green
Mrs. Stayne-Brooker Again 9:37 Read by Kevin Green
Love 20:27 Read by Kevin Green
Love and War 23:08 Read by Kevin Green
Baked 20:37 Read by Kevin Green
Finis 2:07 Read by Kevin Green



(5 stars)

This story is wonderful and the reading by Kevin Green is spectacular! His voice characterizations are outstanding and bring to life all of those who populate the story. My favorites, besides Cupid of course, are the two lounge lizards Cupid meets in the club who lecture him about the evils of drink as they liberally imbibe the same; his African man servant is a sincere friend by the conclusion of the story; the commander with the superb command of the English language who lectures his subordinate with humorous rhyming abuse. The story itself is a soldier's eye view of the Africa campaign during WWI and is probably spot on. Their suffering and bravery along with their sense of resigned humor is heartbreaking. All in all, I'm pretty sure I could listen to Kevin Green read the telephone directory and make every name sound like the beginning of a wonderful,story. I've listened to this book repeatedly and it is a great source of humor and drama about my "favorite war" by one of my favorite writers read by one of my most favorite readers. Many thanks for your hard work. Any chance of more by this reader/writer combination? 🤞🏻

You Really Feel That You Are There

(5 stars)

I suppose the horror of any war story would be too much without some degree of humor. Cupid in Africa does not shy away from the hardships of the young soldiers, but there is also great humor. The humor is wonderful. The reader, Kevin Green, is absolutely perfect. Yes, the characters do speak of Africans in the language of their time. I do not know how we could expect otherwise. Readers a century from now may be equally appealed by aspects of books of our day. The objectification of women, for example. My point is that it is worth enjoying the worthwhile, while understanding that books rarely reflect more than the times in which they are written.

Don't be misled

(4 stars)

Cupid is a person's nickname. This is not a silly romance. Listen to this story if you are interested in topics such as WW1, imperialism and the harsh conditions of life in the British army at that time. Listen if you appreciate ironic humor with a very serious undercurrent. Be warned that you will hear some uncensored racism but also some critical challenges to it and be surprised at how far conventional opinion has changed. Finally, listen to it if you want to hear a first rate reader who is able to create and sustain a varied and plausible cast of characters.

Cupid In Africa......Wonderful

(5 stars)

This story is very entertaining and informative, a definite keeper. Funny as hell in spots. The reader does a job worthy of a professional. The only caution I would add is that the language is of a time when the "n" word was used as a matter of course. No pun intended. Wagstaff

(3 stars)

It was ok. I don't think I'd read it again. Was surprised given the quality of the Beau Geste trilogy

Cupid in Africa

(4.5 stars)

Story is a a very good and long listen and is very well read - Thanks!

(3 stars)

OK, not great, story. Excellent narrator.