American Civil War Collection, Volume 1

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(3.9 stars; 27 reviews)

Compilation of American Civil War related poems and short works of literature. Summary by Bill2147 (6 hr 50 min)


President Lincoln's second inaugural speech 6:10 Read by John Stamper
The Story of the Kearsarge and the Alabama 42:07 Read by John Stamper
All Quiet Along the Potomac (Poem) 3:09 Read by Jennifer Dorr
What I saw of Shiloh 43:33 Read by Ben Adams
Lee's Last Campaign 51:34 Read by Malcolm Reynolds
The Passing of the Armies, Chapter 6 1:02:25 Read by William A Crenshaw
The Raid of John Brown at Harper's Ferry As I Saw It. 1:06:40 Read by Jothi Tharavant
The Battle of Franklin, Tennessee: Section 1 28:44 Read by Malcolm Reynolds
The Battle of Franklin Tennessee: Section 2 33:38 Read by Malcolm Reynolds
Somebody's Darling (Poem) 2:53 Read by Jennifer Dorr
The Battle of Spring Hill, Tennessee Section 1 41:01 Read by Jothi Tharavant
The Battle of Spring Hill Section 2 28:25 Read by Suzanne Huron


a wide ranging and eclectic mix of writing

(3.5 stars)

the Ambrose Bierce chapter especially well read and beautifully written. Also liked the first hand account of the Battle of Tennessee. Some chapters hard to understand.

collecting collections

(3 stars)

In this instance the randomness of stories and narrators hurts this effort more then it helps.

An interesting mix

(3 stars)

Some narrators very good. like the stories. others not qute so