The Clue of the Twisted Candle

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.3 stars; 58 reviews)

Well-known mystery writer John Lexman is charged with murder and sent to Broadmoor Prison. His friend T.X., head of a special branch of Scotland Yard, tries to prove his innocence. (Summary by Gesine) (5 hr 53 min)


Chapter I 37:38 Read by Lizzie Driver
Chapter II 12:13 Read by Silver
Chapter III 16:50 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Chapter IV 8:27 Read by Lizzie Driver
Chapter V 9:25 Read by Jason Oakley
Chapter VI 14:15 Read by Chuck Spann
Chapter VII 8:05 Read by Jason Oakley
Chapter VIII 32:49 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Chapter IX 17:20 Read by Christabel
Chapter X 11:03 Read by Brett Condron
Chapter XI 21:29 Read by Gesine
Chapter XII 6:38 Read by Christabel
Chapter XIII 10:55 Read by Lizzie Driver
Chapter XIV 9:02 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Chapter XV 20:39 Read by krithiga
Chapter XVI 19:15 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
Chapter XVII 25:44 Read by RedToby
Chapter XVIII 4:36 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
Chapter XIV 11:37 Read by Chuck Spann
Chapter XX 2:08 Read by Ian Skillen
Chapter XXI 21:15 Read by Jason Oakley
Chapter XXII 26:10 Read by Ian Skillen
Chapter XXIII 6:21 Read by Larysa Jaworski


Worth a Listen

(5 stars)

The reader of chapter 2 reminds me of Carolyn (Crln) who's read many other mystery stories for Librivox. While native English speakers are best to read in English these 2 readers aren't bad. Just put both ear buds in, go to a quiet area, & pay attention. This book is worth it. It's about a truly evil sociopath & his response to unrequited love. This isn't a horror story as it doesn't discuss much physical violence. It's more mental abuse but isn't described in a detailed frightening way. It won't leave you very disturbed like books/movies on the subject put out in our time.

If you don't like a reader on this precious free

(4 stars)

service, than go buy the audio book. I cannot believe the selfishness of far too many reviewers. btw, i have no vested interest in Librivox or Internet Archive, nor do not know any of the readers reviewers treat like dirt. Many of us are poor, disabled, or trying to make ends meet, etc. I am thankful for any reader donating there time to read. You who are so upset and degrading of readers, you can always start another version reading of this book and donate your time so we can we can be enthralled with your magnificent, stupendous, splendid, sonorous, yet gently dulcet when need be, fantabulous, etcetera ad infinitum, voice.

Very good - some spotty narration though

(4 stars)

The story was a 5 but the narration was a 3.5. I agree with the one reviewer about the reader of chapter 2. I encourage you to suffer through it and a few other spotty readers because this is a good story. I love it when a book ends and it makes me smile and this one surely did . I will say that the good narrators outweighed the bad ones on this recording so again, suffer through the bad ones. They only read one or two chapters at the most.

What is up with Chapter 2 ??

(1 stars)

The reader of Chapter 2, really has the most irritating, sing-song reading style! Why does she read like that ? and do others really enjoy listening to the chapter being read in that fashion ? I had to shut off the book halfway through Chapter 2, because her reading style is incredibly annoying! Sorry, but this volunteer, should direct her efforts elsewhere. Reading aloud, is not doing anyone any favors.

You will root for the killer...

(5 stars)

... in this book. Edgar Wallace does it again with an edge of your seat book that keeps you guessing as to how the killer did it and why. The detective is called in to investigate the murder of a very popular and powerful man. Yet, as he investigates further, he learns that this is much more than just a murder mystery. The readers also do a wonderful job.

You"ll wanna listen

(5 stars)

This is a great story! Every chance I had alone I was plugged in. The author keeps you wanting more a read without all the boring details. The narrators are great except chapter 2. That woman makes me crazy with her sing a read, she is extremely hard to understand. Don't let her stop you. The story is worth suffering through her. You"ll wanna listen!

Great Story!

(5 stars)

This was a wonderful story which kept me wondering what really happened. This will be another that I look forward to listening to again in the future. I downloaded The Clue of he Twisted Candle based on the other review. I am glad I did! If you like mystery/detective stories add the The Clue of he Twisted Candle to your need to listen to list!

(5 stars)

Great plot! The author is very good at pulling you to the plot and making you wait till the last page to resolve everything. But it's worth the wait.