The Island of Doctor Moreau (Version 2)

Read by Bob Neufeld

(4.6 stars; 539 reviews)

In this classic of H. G. Wells, Edward Prendick is shipwrecked on a beautiful island in the South Seas and is drawn into the wild and cruel world of Doctor Moreau, who aspires to play God with animals. Summary by Bob Neufeld (4 hr 54 min)


Part 1 28:35 Read by Bob Neufeld
Part 2 27:51 Read by Bob Neufeld
Part 3 38:35 Read by Bob Neufeld
Part 4 38:41 Read by Bob Neufeld
Part 5 37:50 Read by Bob Neufeld
Part 6 39:00 Read by Bob Neufeld
Part 7 48:20 Read by Bob Neufeld
Part 8 35:08 Read by Bob Neufeld


A sort of horror story

(4 stars)

The 4 stars is for the writer and subject matter. The reader is excellent. Maybe I should give 5 stars because it creeped me out like a horror story should. However, I am not a big fan of horror so not a full 5. A tale on the tragedy of the abuses humanity is capable of. Quite chilling.


(5 stars)

Mr. Neufeld has, again, put to ease my despair at the speedy decline of readers who not only enjoy what they've read but enjoy what they read! Hot damn!


(5 stars)

Wonderful narrator reading an absolute classic!

fantastic reader, classic oldies horror tale

(4 stars)

this reader is amazing. a wonderful job! the story moves fast and gets right to shipwrecks, life saving, marooned, and races right along to the mad scientist mah ha ha ha! the last few minutes of the book ramble on philosophically and get boring, but over all a good tale. there are a lot of curse words in this tale, so it may not be child friendly for the kids that do enjoy scary stories.

Horrifyingly Awesome

(5 stars)

What a great, if horrifying, tale! Entertaining, full of danger and adventure- and still very intelligent too. It gives you a little something to think about, particularly at the end... Prendick's conclusion and personal reflections are quite interesting. Also, what a great reader! Bob is excellent, I love the tone and pace of his reading...his voice reminds me a bit of James Mason.

Fantastic reading

(5 stars)

Really great quality reading! Well done the narrator! The book itself is decent. HG Wells is to the late 19th century what Black Mirror is to us today. Extrapolate technologies that where developing then and put a horror twist to them. Interesting ideas about religion and possibly about enslavement of less developed cultures. Won't blow you away, but hey, not bad.

Great Recording - Fearful Stoy

(5 stars)

Very good reading by Mr. Neufield. This is one of the few stories I have read or listened to in a long time that made me actually squirm in my chair as I listened to the story. A great listen and interesting look into the insanity that is the works of Dr. Moreau.

Wonderful piece of writing and reading

(5 stars)

The reader fits perfectly into the atmosphere of a fantastic island, inhabited by beast people and half-wild men. The book is worth recommending, especially for those who desire an elegant composition of adventure and philosophy. Hope you will find it as enjoyable as I did.