A Cynic Looks At Life

Read by ACBowgus

(4.5 stars; 11 reviews)

Civilization, Immortality, the Death Penalty, these are just a few of the essays enclosed in this collection, A Cynic Looks At Life. Written by Ambrose Bierce, these essays continue to be thought provoking, offering a valid outlook on life. Summary by DaveC. (1 hr 59 min)


Civilization 24:40 Read by ACBowgus
The Gift O' Gab-Natura Benigna-The Death Penalty 32:50 Read by ACBowgus
Immortality-Emancipated Woman-A Mad World 28:36 Read by ACBowgus
Epigrams Of A Cynic 32:56 Read by ACBowgus



(3.5 stars)

the more things change, the more they stay the same. you could easily subtitle this "Ambrose rants and raves"., but either way, an interesting read.

A Good book well read

(5 stars)

The reader did an excellent job with this author and material. Very well read.

Alas, Ambrose...

(5 stars)

Could have so enjoyed many a long fireside chat...

good book well read

(5 stars)

Don’t get me wrong, the writer is clearly a bad man, but the writing here is awesome, and so is the reading