A Silent Witness

Read by Anna Simon

(4.6 stars; 302 reviews)

In this detective novel, the young doctor Humphrey Jardine stumbles upon a corpse during a walk near Hampstead Heath in the middle of the night. However, when he returns to the spot with a police officer, the corpse has disappeared. And this is just the start of a series of strange and sometimes life threatening events. Had it really been a dead man he had seen? And if so, who was it? And what is the role of the mysterious Mrs. Samway, who keeps popping up wherever he goes? He will need the help of Dr. John Thorndyke to solve this mystery.

This is the fourth novel featuring R. Austin Freeman's famous detective Dr. John Thorndyke. The preceding ones are also available on LibriVox: The Red Thumb Mark, the Eye of Osiris (a.k.a. the Vanishing Man, both titles on LV) and The Mystery of 31 New Inn. (Summary by Anna Simon) (10 hr 51 min)


Chapter I - The Beginning of the Mystery 19:18 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter II - The Finding of the Reliquary 14:38 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter III - "Who is Sylvia?" 12:36 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter IV - Septimus Maddock, Deceased 31:29 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter V - The Lethal Chamber 33:25 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter VI - A Council of War 27:23 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter VII - An Unseen Enemy 21:05 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter VIII - It's an Ill Wind -- 28:05 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter IX - Thorndyke takes up the Scent 17:45 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter X - The Unheeded Warning 18:59 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter XI - A Chapter of Accidents 33:44 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter XII - Miss Vyne 28:57 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter XIII - A Mysterious Stranger 37:54 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter XIV - A Lonely Woman 36:05 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter XV - Exit Dr. Jardine 35:51 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter XVI - Enter Father Humperdinck 50:02 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter XVII - The Palimpsest 36:30 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter XVIII - A Visitor from the States 25:00 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter XIX - Tenebrae 27:38 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter XX - The Hue and Cry 29:46 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter XXI - The Final Problem 36:49 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter XXII - Thorndyke reviews the Case 48:30 Read by Anna Simon


Intricate story, great reader

(5 stars)

This s was a very complex story but kept my interest. Anna Simon did a fabulous job of reading. There were a couple of times that I thought the main character acted in a very foolish way and I wanted to slap him, but that is the only negative in a long and cleverly woven together story.

A gripping tale!

(5 stars)

This tale kept me on the edge of my seat. A convoluted plot, multiple attempted murders, interesting country and city scenery, a touch of romance, and a liberal dose of medical forensics...what more could one want?! Very well read, as well :)

Think CSI before CSI was invented!

(5 stars)

Ms. Simon did a great job overall, especially since I don't think English is her first language. Doubt I'd do nearly as well in any other language! The story's pace feels a little slow to 21st century readers, but is entirely typical of its time, and is much more descriptive than most current styles. PLEASE read more of Dr. Thorndyke's short story collections!

Annoying lead character

(5 stars)

The lead character, Dr Jardine, is a bit of an idiot who apparently has no sense of personal safety. I found myself annoyed at his lack of common sense, but eh, it's just a book. Summary covers the plot. Reader did an excellent job. I also like books with Dr Thorndyke; he is an excellent lead character.

A bit predictable

(2.5 stars)

The main character is either really really dumb or just really naive. Too many coincidences throughout to be even somewhat believable. But I enjoyed the reader and the book was ok. You will know the plot when the second body.

silent witness

(5 stars)

excellent mystery, involved and captivating with the medical insight of the era. Reader was excellent and so easy to follow.

Anna Simon is a wonderful reader

(3 stars)

But the story seems too far fetched in my humble opinion. did not finish it because like i said it was not believable especially that first attempt at murder with the snowy crystals coming from a hole in the ceiling, turning into gas in this old whatever it was, closed production of whatever building. maybe listen/read the rest later. @mikezane: here here! these numbskull characters have no business sneaking into a good book! :) dahszil male usa

(5 stars)

Love Austin's Dr. Thorndike stories. Reader did an excellent job except for knowing the difference between bow ( as in tying a bow) and bow ( as in kneel in a bow pronounced bough) and ascertain which is as CER tain. These are the two words most of the readers mispronounce. However this reader is easily understood. This makes the great story even better