A Christmas When The West Was Young

Read by David Wales

(4.6 stars; 58 reviews)

Babies, new life, a bitter winter blizzard, death circling. How will it all end? (David Wales) (0 hr 43 min)


Chapter 1 Love And Welcome 6:29 Read by David Wales
Chapter 2 Love And Farewell 5:03 Read by David Wales
Chapter 3 Death And The Storm 10:42 Read by David Wales
Chapter 4 God And The Baby 10:00 Read by David Wales
Chapter 5 The Ride And The Night 6:08 Read by David Wales
Chapter 6 Life And Love 5:03 Read by David Wales


A Christmas When the West Was Young

(4 stars)

I enjoyed the book. I listened to it last year for the first time and the second time just now. I could not get the last chapter to play this time. I did enjoy the book up till the end of the fifth chapter. Would love to hear out our main character bringing home the child to his wife.

"Need a loving father, Jesus is always with you!"

(5 stars)

So Beautiful! I have listened to it two times and still have not gotten everything! I love the reader! Jesus loves you!

A Christmas When The West Was

(4.5 stars)

A very different, realistic, interesting story! I appreciated it and Mr. Wales reading of it. He reads slowly and with expression stories unknown to me.

Heartwarming...perfect for Christmas Eve

(5 stars)

Beautiful tale of young, hearty settlers who endure the worst...then are blessed with a precious Christmas gift.

(5 stars)

A sad but beautiful short story, beautifully read. The hardships of pioneers is vividly portrayed, with a lovely ending.

Tragedy & Miracle s

(5 stars)

Pioneer spirit.....they were so brave. We must not forget them. Thank you librevox

Touching Christmas Story

(5 stars)

Wonderful solo reading of a heart touching Christmas story.

couldnt listen, reader's voice too monotone for me.

(1.5 stars)