Read by Geoffrey Edwards

(4.6 stars; 22 reviews)

Cratylus (ΚΡΑΤΥΛΟΣ) discusses whether things have names by mere convention or have true names which can only be correctly applied to the object named and may have originated from God. (Summary by Geoffrey Edwards) (2 hr 50 min)


01 - Cratylus (Text 323) 38:06 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
02 - Cratylus (Text 339) 34:39 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
03 - Cratylus (Text 352) 35:20 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
04 - Cratylus (Text 364) 27:23 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
05 - Cratylus (Text 374) 34:45 Read by Geoffrey Edwards


Great reading, but someone needs his adnoids removed...

(5 stars)

Love this guy's obvious enthusiasm and passion for such beautiful content, but his nasally intense reading is difficult to overlook... I'll continue pushing through though as a sign of respect for his hard work in recording this.

great history

(5 stars)

I read a lot of law and the definitions and etymology in this text really helps further my research, the root meaning of languages applies to even things as "recent" as the magna carta

good recording

(5 stars)

honestly boring dialogue but good recording

The meaning of names

(4 stars)

Cratylus' discussion on the nature of names is very interesting, even if debunked by modern linguistics. The dialogue is very helpful for us to understand many of the gods' folk etymologies that are present in other corpora (such as the Orphic Hymns). The reader does a fine job, but his robotic and nasal voice can be a bit off puting at the beginning.