Three Times and Out

Read by DPranitis

(4.8 stars; 125 reviews)

The true story of M. C. Simmons, a Canadian soldier captured by the German Army during the early days of World War I. We read of his sixteen months of imprisonment, his encounters with other captured troops of the other Allied armies and his observations of the nature of his captors and their countrymen. Most compellingly we read of his escape from POW camp, his recapture and punishment, and then the capture and punishment following his second escape attempt, climaxing in his third escape attempt and daring travel through enemy territory against all odds. In McClung's words, "Private Simmons is a close and accurate observer who sees clearly and talks well. He tells a straightforward, unadorned tale, every sentence of which is true, and convincing." (Summary by the narrator) (7 hr 5 min)


Dedication and Preface 3:34 Read by DPranitis
Chapter I. How It Started 17:25 Read by DPranitis
Chapter II. Through Belgium 14:38 Read by DPranitis
Chapter III. Into Germany 16:21 Read by DPranitis
Chapter IV. The Lazaret 11:54 Read by DPranitis
Chapter V. The Prison-Camp 18:33 Read by DPranitis
Chapter VI. Rossbach 16:30 Read by DPranitis
Chapter VII. The Escape; Chapter VIII. Off For Switzerland! 34:15 Read by DPranitis
Chapter IX. Caught; Chapter X. The Cells! 23:11 Read by DPranitis
Chapter XI. The Strafe-Barrack 15:12 Read by DPranitis
Chapter XII. Back to Camp 17:33 Read by DPranitis
Chapter XIII. Cellelager 21:18 Read by DPranitis
Chapter XIV. Off For Holland! 20:03 Read by DPranitis
Chapter XV. Caught Again 12:32 Read by DPranitis
Chapter XVI. The Invisible Brotherhood 19:12 Read by DPranitis
Chapter XVII. The Cells at Oldenburg 23:44 Read by DPranitis
Chapter XVIII. Parnewinkel Camp 21:59 Read by DPranitis
Chapter XIX. The Blackest Chapter of All 16:52 Read by DPranitis
Chapter XX. Once Again! 14:19 Read by DPranitis
Chapter XXI. Travelers of the Night 25:15 Read by DPranitis
Chapter XXII. The Long Road to Freedom 31:41 Read by DPranitis
Chapter XXIII. Out; Conclusion 29:09 Read by DPranitis


Interesting Insight into WW1

(5 stars)

The reader's style is somewhat monotone, but he speaks clearly and most importantly is very easy to understand. The book goes beyond facts and figures that you'll learn in history books, and gives insight into the mindset of individual participants in the war. It also sheds light on the different biases of that day... from a Canadian soldier's views on Germans (referring to them often as a "spotty race"), to the way that Russian POWs were treated much more harshly than other POWs. I found myself researching more about the war during the times I was unable to listen to the book...looking at the geography of Europe to trace the POWs' escape paths, reading about the Kaiser, etc.


(5 stars)

This comes highly recommended from me! It is a real time machine! When you allow these words to hijack your mind you become transported through a magic window into world war one. The content is addictive, educational, inspiring, gripping and at times reminded me of my anger issues. It is read with the perfect tone and pace. The sadness of the situation is constantly expressed by a genius reader who reminded me very much of my dead mothers undertaker. I loved this, if you like a good horror story before sleepy byes then this is it!

good story

(4 stars)

The stories and adventures are interesting and easy to listen to, though I wouldn't agree with some of the judgements passed on the nation of Germany or with the authors conclusion about the Allied soldiers' necessary wonderful humanity in comparison to the Germans. There are all sorts of people in all places on earth and the real difference is whether a man obeys God's law or follows the passions of his sinful heart.

Well-Told and Well-Read

(5 stars)

I found this an honest, balanced telling of the soldier's experiences. Unlike many other WWI stories, he doesn't vilify all German soldiers, but notices that there's a spectrum. His experiences are told with retrospective humor and pathos, and are well read by DPranitis, who channels Simmons well. Great quality recording. Thank you for your efforts!

(4 stars)

The book reminded me of some films of soldiers escaping from POW camps ( in WW 2). Although we knew from the title that the hero managed to escape, the book was full of suspene! The reader did an excellent job and I thank him for his time and effort!

(4 stars)

Good story, well written and well read , although I did struggle with the readers style. It was like he was reading it like a poem or as if he may start to sing it. But as I say well read I just found it a bit distracting.

a story of a brave soldier

(5 stars)

extremely well read . I was thoroughly absorbed in the story and was seeking Everytime to know what is going to happen next.

excellent account

(5 stars)

the reader did an excellent job with great tonal favourite narrator so far .well done.story line is captivating to the end.I salute the brave soldiers.