Key Out of Time (version 2)

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.5 stars; 380 reviews)

Time Agents Ross Murdock and Gordon Ashe return for another assignment, this time to the tropical island paradise planet of Hawaika. Something apocalyptic has occurred in this planet’s history, altering its topography and cleansing it of all intelligent life. But something goes wrong when they attempt a peek at the past through a Time Gate, and with the Polynesian girl Karara and her trained dolphins Tino-rau and Taua, are plunged into a conflict between a dying super-race, barbarian natives, and invading aliens. (Summary by Mark Nelson) (6 hr 18 min)


Lotus World 22:46 Read by Mark Nelson
Lair of Mano-Nui 22:25 Read by Mark Nelson
The Ancient Mariners 20:34 Read by Mark Nelson
Storm Menace 19:07 Read by Mark Nelson
Time Wrecked 19:44 Read by Mark Nelson
Loketh the Useless 18:04 Read by Mark Nelson
Witch's Meat 20:18 Read by Mark Nelson
The Free Rovers 21:26 Read by Mark Nelson
Battle Test 21:09 Read by Mark Nelson
Death at Kyn Add 20:03 Read by Mark Nelson
Weapon from the Depths 20:07 Read by Mark Nelson
Baldies 21:16 Read by Mark Nelson
The Sea Gate of the Foanna 20:44 Read by Mark Nelson
The Foanna 21:24 Read by Mark Nelson
Return to the Battle 22:13 Read by Mark Nelson
The Opening of the Great Door 20:24 Read by Mark Nelson
Shades Against Shadows 20:42 Read by Mark Nelson
World in Doubt? 26:33 Read by Mark Nelson


awesome story!

(5 stars)

really enjoyed this story! Of course Mark's reading made it all the more enjoyable as always. I have to say Mark is absolutely one of my favorite readers on here and I always wished he and Greg Margarite together with Phil Chenevert would have gotten together and done a collaboration.

Another great story by Ms Norton

(5 stars)

Really enjoyed another time travel adventure of Ross and Ash. Liked the the setting and characters. And as usual Mark does a great narrative.

(3.5 stars)

Andre Norton has a vivid imagination. It is interesting seeing her weave her world of fantasy con sci-fi. At times it feels she takes much license in this weaving by way of creating ambiguity to advance a mystical twist. Also sometimes feels that your hearing the reading of a sequel and so missing some critical background info that never gets covered. Otherwise good story with somewhat interesting if flat characters. Mark Nelson reads superbly as usual.

Great narration

(5 stars)

Andre Norton wrote good stories. Very thankful to Mark Smith and Nelson for enlightening by choosing them for librivox. The Marks narration is good always byt Nortons stories are always too short.. she should have made them more Epic.

Great story

(5 stars)

The plot keeps you guessing all the way to the end, great, classic sci-fi. Mark does an excellent job as usual reading.

Entertaining story, masterfully told.

(5 stars)

Story started slowly, but twsts and turns made it an exciting adventure. Wonderful story teller, masterful reader.

GREAT Narration... good story

(4 stars)

Interesting story and good world building. I liked the characters. I love the period morales and manners.

fabulous story, well read

(5 stars)

Andre Norton writes the best fantasy novels ever, and the reader does an excellent job.