Eighteen Months in the War Zone: A Record of a Woman's Work on the Western Front

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"But it is not for those who heard the call in the later months so much as in memory of those early heroes of Mons, who knew the bitterness of a valiant retreat, the horror of forced marches along parched roads, with only the prod of the next man's bayonet to keep him awake, and only a flap cut from the tail of his shirt between the pitiless sun and the dreaded delirium that would leave him a prey to the Huns' barbarities; in memory of these it is that I take up the pen to run the gauntlet of a thousand critical eyes on a way fraught with difficulties." ~ Kate John Finzi (5 hr 13 min)


Forward and Introduction 15:13 Read by MaryAnn
October, 1914 43:51 Read by MaryAnn
November, 1914 32:15 Read by MaryAnn
December, 1914 21:21 Read by MaryAnn
January, 1915 15:33 Read by MaryAnn
February, 1915 10:39 Read by MaryAnn
March, 1915 13:28 Read by MaryAnn
April, 1915 13:42 Read by MaryAnn
May, 1915 12:24 Read by MaryAnn
June, 1915 17:26 Read by MaryAnn
July, 1915 13:03 Read by MaryAnn
August, 1915 8:20 Read by MaryAnn
September, 1915 11:01 Read by MaryAnn
October, 1915 16:02 Read by MaryAnn
November, 1915 10:42 Read by MaryAnn
December 1915 14:28 Read by MaryAnn
January, 1916 18:00 Read by MaryAnn
February, 1916 22:46 Read by MaryAnn
Epilogue 3:32 Read by MaryAnn


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Angels and absolute hero,s

(5 stars)

Absolutely amazing the strength of character these nurses had . How these people dealt with what they did is a testament to their strength and patience . Another brilliant book read by the very professional Mary Ann . Thankyou .

authentic, epic

(5 stars)

This was barely the Somme, the continual sufferingof that wat over 4 years is incomprehensible

loved the narrator

(4 stars)

Her voice was perfect for this book, loved it.o

o my god a osum book do rerone of the axelent books

(4.5 stars)

Thanks MaryAnn for your reading ,you brought life to this book.

(4.5 stars)


(5 stars)

Lyrical narrative and most excellent reader.