Out from the Heart

Read by Audio Andrea

(4.7 stars; 194 reviews)

James Allen teaches us how to purify our hearts through the fundamental lessons of virtue: physical discipline, mental discipline, doing your best, self-honesty, and forgiveness. If assiduously practiced, these principles will lead to a blessed life of truth. - Summary by Andrea Fiore (0 hr 59 min)


Chapter 1: The Heart and The Life 3:22 Read by Audio Andrea
Chapter 2: The Nature and Power of Mind 5:09 Read by Audio Andrea
Chapter 3: Formation of Habit 6:27 Read by Audio Andrea
Chapter 4: Doing and Knowing 6:22 Read by Audio Andrea
Chapter 5: First Steps in The Higher Life 26:05 Read by Audio Andrea
Chapter 6: Mental Conditions and Their Effects 8:11 Read by Audio Andrea
Chapter 7: Exhortation 4:22 Read by Audio Andrea


Amazing Book

(5 stars)

This book is truly comprehensive in teaching about the path that leads to Truth. Those who seek happiness should meditate upon this work. It will improve the powers of the mind drastically and elevate the body into true discipline. Speech will also be mastered, and they will go beyond the passions that deadens spirituality.

(5 stars)

Very enjoyable to listen to the reader, she has a voice that would also do well on a meditation lesson. The lessons in the book are all the things I was pretty well aware of only I had lost my way a long time ago so.. A wonderful refresher to get me back on track.

(5 stars)

Beautiful and applicable to everyone. This is one I can and should listen to again and again to really absorb Allen's wonderful words of wisdom. Thank you also to the reader of this work, she has a lovely voice.

(5 stars)

I've just recently found James Allen, and find him to be a great help on my journey to self mastery.

Wonderful Book

(4 stars)

James Allen has always been my favourite author. Whatever he has written, I have always found much meaning in it. And this little book is no exception.

Love This Book!!

(5 stars)

I learn more about myself and the world each time I listen. Thank you for sharing.

have heart

(5 stars)

This is a good spoon of cement to help you get through this world.

Every time I listen to James Allen, I learn something new.

(4.5 stars)