The Girl Next Door

Read by Jennifer Dallman

(4.4 stars; 112 reviews)

Marcia Brett has noticed unusual activity at the ramshackle and seemingly abandoned mansion next door: a mysterious, veiled lady is seen coming and going out the front door, a different woman is glimpsed through a shuttered window, and most mysterious of all, a pretty, blond girl is seen briefly looking forlornly out an upper window! Along with her best friend, Janet McNeil, the two girls are determined to learn the secrets of the old house and befriend the young girl, but once they do, the secrets only increase. The girl has no idea why she is at this house or even who the women she is living with are! Has she been kidnapped? Are they relatives? No one seems to know. - Summary by Jennifer Dallman (4 hr 15 min)


Marcia's Secret 17:28 Read by Jennifer Dallman
The Face Behind the Shutter 12:39 Read by Jennifer Dallman
The Gate Opens 10:46 Read by Jennifer Dallman
The Backward Glance 10:08 Read by Jennifer Dallman
The Handkerchief in the Window 8:23 Read by Jennifer Dallman
Cecily Reveals Herself 10:31 Read by Jennifer Dallman
Surprises All Around 8:48 Read by Jennifer Dallman
At the End of the String 10:54 Read by Jennifer Dallman
For the Sake of Cecily 15:00 Read by Jennifer Dallman
The Filigree Bracelet 8:07 Read by Jennifer Dallman
The Lifted Veil 8:32 Read by Jennifer Dallman
Miss Benedict Speaks 12:42 Read by Jennifer Dallman
Via Wireless 8:43 Read by Jennifer Dallman
The Writing on the Bracelets 8:39 Read by Jennifer Dallman
Puzzling it Out 10:36 Read by Jennifer Dallman
One Mystery Explained 11:27 Read by Jennifer Dallman
Major Goodrich Assists 9:32 Read by Jennifer Dallman
The Major has a Further Inspiration 14:09 Read by Jennifer Dallman
The Unexpected 22:23 Read by Jennifer Dallman
Aunt Minerva Takes Command 24:56 Read by Jennifer Dallman
Six Months Later 10:38 Read by Jennifer Dallman



(4 stars)

I would deem this light entertainment. The girls at the heart of the story were very likable characters and I enjoyed spending time with them as they embroidered, read aloud to each other, and increasingly got involved in the proceedings next door. The "mystery" parts of the story were okay but not exactly absorbing. The Librivox volunteer did a very good job.

Sweet story

(4 stars)

I like this story, even tho it is a bit far fetched. A new face next door leads the ladies next door to investigate, which leads to them making a new friend. Then, just as mysteriously, the new friend starts avoiding them. What is behind the odd behaviors in the strange house? Reading was good. Thank you!

Nice little story

(4 stars)

Two girls try to unravel a mystery, bringing in a few adults to help. Leave it to Aunt Minerva to solve it! Nicely read, although I often had a mad urge to blow my own nose. Several chapters she read with a head cold, with that stuffy, lack-of-N-sound pronunciation. :)

Exciting girlish mystery, fun for adults

(4.5 stars)

This is my second listen from this author. Both have been quite entertaining. Girl/youth-centric, but not tedious for the adult mind. Sprightly and intriguing, it keeps you interested and guessing. Somewhat a product of its time, but what do you want? It’s over 100 years old.

(5 stars)

Fun mystery, well written without anxiety and fear but has a lot of suspense. Reader sounds like she has a cold but that can be over looked. She has good inflections.

(5 stars)

lovely story. i enjoyed the reader and the author is great. the characters are very lovable.

Oh so wonderful

(5 stars)

A beautiful and gripping story so marvelous read by Jennifer Dallman.

(0.5 stars)

I couldn't put up with the reader mispronouncing main character's name