Gullible's Travels, Etc.

Read by Winston Tharp

(4.7 stars; 18 reviews)

Humorous stories of social climbing in America's "classless" society. - Summary by Winston Tharp (3 hr 55 min)


Carmen 33:46 Read by Winston Tharp
Three Kings and a Pair 39:18 Read by Winston Tharp
Gullible's Travels 1:10:59 Read by Winston Tharp
The Water Cure 46:50 Read by Winston Tharp
Three Without, Doubled 44:34 Read by Winston Tharp


ring lardner read beautifully by Winston Tharp

(5 stars)

I'd love to hear Tharp read Twain

Sheer delight!

(5 stars)

Like P.G.Wodehouse, Ring Lardner told his stories in prose which was straightforward, but characterized by an effortless charm. Both his sharp power of observation and his appealing cynicism are evident in this delightful collection of short stories. ironically, Lardner had a low estimation of his writings, even though they earned the praise of such luminaries as Virginia Woolf and Ernest Hemingway. Winston Tharp does a wonderful job of presenting Lardner's world of fractured domesticity and the sad pretensions of its characters. I could not imagine a more polished or engaging rendition of these stories. Definitely five stars for this Librivox production!

Ring Lardner!

(5 stars)

I really like RL's humor and his old time slang, and Winston Tharp is always a terrific reader and he's perfect for RL.

outdated humor

(3 stars)

Excellent reader. Ring Lardner’s humor seems so very outdated now.