The Road

Read by Barry Eads

(4.6 stars; 241 reviews)

Jack London credited his skill of story-telling to the days he spent as a hobo learning to fabricate tales to get meals from sympathetic strangers. In The Road, he relates the tales and memories of his days on the hobo road, including how the hobos would elude train crews and his travels with Kelly’s Army. - Summary by Barry Eads (4 hr 44 min)


Confession 28:13 Read by Barry Eads
Holding Her Down 37:42 Read by Barry Eads
Pictures 25:18 Read by Barry Eads
"Pinched" 31:45 Read by Barry Eads
The Pen 30:01 Read by Barry Eads
Hoboes That Pass in the Night 39:00 Read by Barry Eads
Road-Kids and Gay-Cats 28:38 Read by Barry Eads
Two Thousand Stiffs 26:46 Read by Barry Eads
Bulls 37:23 Read by Barry Eads


Excellent! Hilarious! Insightful!

(5 stars)

For some reason, I felt that listening to this the reader was Jack himself- great job Barry. Jack's memiors of the hobo life were both funny and educational- a definite win for Literature in my book. Both this and the People of the Abyss give a good glimpse into Jack's life and make me even more interested in reading/listening to his stories.

great reader - amazing true short stories

(5 stars)

the reader did a great job, i have heard this reader before and my next book will probably be something this reader has done. i love jack London. i just can not imagine a teenager/young man as wild, outgoing, adventurous, and brave as his biographies show him to be. this is several short stories telling of different events that happened to him in his days of riding the rails. including stories of his life in prison and run ins with police (bulls). a fantastic adventure that i was sorry was so short to listen to.

(5 stars)

Exceptional read. An amazing vignette of London’s travels in a difficult time of America. Very well read by the narrator who keeps a great pace. Will listen again down the road. My compliments to this narrator also, thanks.

this is gold

(5 stars)

reader is flawless and I'd pay to hear him. jack London is just gold. hes books put me in the characters shoes and make me think twice about my self. this one is just as great well done

loved it

(5 stars)

well read and jack london puts it all into his work . great pace and style.

Great Book

(5 stars)

Great Book Great Reader

Good Reading & Good Story

(5 stars)

The story and recording of THE ROAD is quite good. However, I doubt the truthfulness of his adventures. Any normal person would be dead in no time. Therefore, I place Jack London in about the same category as Jean Shepherd, who had an hour monologue for years on WOR, New York City. His stories were combinations of fact and fancies akin to Jack London.

Indeed, Jean Shepherd Type Tales of Half Truths

(5 stars)

What some other poster said. I agree. His tales of hitching a free ride on a train are akin to movie scripts where all the good bums manage by super hero tricks to get rides. If it was real life, he would be dead from such antics. But it is entertaining. And that's OK.