Coffee Break Collection 010 - War and Conflict

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

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This is the tenth collection of our "coffee break" series, involving public domain works that are between 3 and 15 minutes in length. These are great for work/study breaks, commutes, workouts, or any time you'd like to hear a whole story and only have a few minutes to devote to listening. The theme for this collection is "war and conflict" - From battles to pub brawls to divorce, studying human conflict has produced some of the most powerful pieces of writing. Summary by Rosie (2 hr 23 min)


A Droving Yarn 8:30 Read by Son of the Exiles
The Second Comfort Of Whoring - Answer'd 1:48 Read by Rosslyn Carlyle
Lepanto 10:01 Read by Patrick Wallace
To Lucasta, Going to the Wars 1:21 Read by Patrick Wallace
A March in the Ranks Hard-Prest and the Road Unknown 3:17 Read by Winston Tharp
Fall In, My Men, Fall In 3:12 Read by Son of the Exiles
A Speculation on English History 14:41 Read by Garth Burton
The Anti-Slavery Alphabet 6:55 Read by Rosslyn Carlyle
Chapter IV, Book I of "The Adventurous Simplicissimus" 6:51 Read by DomBombadil
The Bronckhorst Divorce Case 11:20 Read by Rosie
Two Military Executions 5:49 Read by David Mack
Sentry 2:57 Read by Rosslyn Carlyle
The Battles of Lewes and Evesham 10:32 Read by Garth Burton
Recrudescence of South's Intolerance 11:16 Read by Bellona Times
Selections From Childe Harold's Pilgrimage 4:12 Read by Son of the Exiles
Sumter; A Ballad of 1861 7:56 Read by Olivereading
The Hero And Tin Soldiers 9:55 Read by Bill Mosley
Extract from the Life of Adam Martindale 14:09 Read by Patrick Wallace
The Ordered Away 4:42 Read by Olivereading
Thinking Of The Soldiers 4:04 Read by Olivereading