The Recruiting Officer

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The author was himself a recruiting officer, and possibly gathered all the materials for this play on the very spot where he has placed his scene—Shrewsbury. He has dedicated the piece "to all friends round the Wrekin," and has thanked the inhabitants of the town for that cheerful hospitality, which made, he adds, "the recruiting service, to some men the greatest fatigue on earth, to me the greatest pleasure in the world."

The life of Farquhar was full of adventures.—As a student, he was expelled from the college of Dublin, for adventuring profane wit upon a sacred theme, given to him by his tutor for his exercise. As an actor, he forsook the stage in grief and horror, on having unknowingly made use of a real sword, instead of a counterfeit one, by which he wounded a brother performer, with whom he had to fence in a tragedy, nearly to the loss of his life.

As a dramatic writer, Farquhar was eminently successful; and in his military capacity, he was ever honoured and beloved—whether fighting with a great army in Flanders, or recruiting with a small party in Shropshire.

(Mrs Inchbald (In preface to the publication))

Cast list:
Captain Plume, Recruiting Officer: Peter Tucker
Captain Brazen, Recruiting Officer: Negatron
Mr Worthy, a gentleman of Shropshire: TriciaG
Serjeant Kite: ToddHW
Thomas Appletree, recruit: SteveToner
Costar Pearmain, recruit: Zames Curran
Justice Balance: Kristin Gjerløw
Justice Scale: Zames Curran
Justice Scruple: catharmaiden
Bullock, a Country Clown: alanmapstone
Constable: Anna Simon
Servant: John N. Daily
Steward: SteveToner
Welsh Collier: Newgatenovelist
Sylvia, daughter to Justice Balance: Beth Thomas
Rose, a Country Wench: Elizabeth Klett
Melinda, a Lady of Fortune: Availle
Lucy, Melinda's Maid: Mary Kay
Wife: Availle
Woman: Rapunzelina

Stage Directions: MaryAnn
Editor and Coordinator: ToddHW (2 hr 12 min)


Act 1 26:40 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Act 2 24:26 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Act 3 29:25 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Act 4 26:12 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Act 5 25:50 Read by LibriVox Volunteers