Short Story Collection Vol. 060

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.2 stars; 13 reviews)

LibriVox readers bring you 20 short stories in various genres by authors including Edna Ferber, Charlotte Brontë, Stephan Crane, W. Somerset Maugham, Lord Dunsany, Saki and Honoré de Balzac. (8 hr 44 min)


The Wedding: A Stage Direction 24:10 Read by Ben Adams
The Yellow Drawing Room 22:28 Read by ginny
Old Lady Mandle 58:07 Read by Bellona Times
Charlotte Bronte's Last Sketch 45:49 Read by ginny
When I Was a Witch 21:47 Read by dhall5982
An Experiment in Misery 23:27 Read by Derek Stewart
The Fall of Edward Barnard, part 1 41:42 Read by Bellona Times
The Fall of Edward Barnard, part 2 42:47 Read by Bellona Times
The Diary of A Dangerous Child 10:45 Read by ginny
A Legend Of The Dawn 15:54 Read by Michele Fry
The Vengeance Of Men 7:46 Read by Michele Fry
Miss Tempy's Watchers 25:00 Read by Lindsey Philbrook
Helping the Poor 26:34 Read by Roger Melin
Mrs. Packletide's Tiger 9:16 Read by Hilary Hew
A Luncheon-party 41:46 Read by Bellona Times
A Stroke Of Genius 18:07 Read by Matt Braymiller
Nearly Over 17:11 Read by Matt Braymiller
Words and Music 23:17 Read by Matt Braymiller
A Passion in the Desert 34:23 Read by Winston Tharp
A Cowl In Cracow 14:23 Read by ginny


very good & well read

(5 stars)

worth listening to. good stories good readers