The Adventures of Joel Pepper

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(4.3 stars; 58 reviews)

The Peppers are a family of three boys, two girls, and Mamsie. They are poor, living in their "Little Brown House", but they always manage to be happy. This book comprises the adventures of Joel, the middle Pepper child and the most mischievous. Among other things, Joel encounters a snake, a thief, and a nail pile; puts on a circus; rides on a stagecoach; and gets into a fight on Strawberry Hill! (Summary by Rachel) (8 hr 29 min)


Joel and the Snake 27:50 Read by Carol Eades King
What Dave Heard 20:37 Read by Elijah Fisher
Deacon Brown's Nail Pile 15:04 Read by Carol Eades King
The Muffin Man and the Tramp 11:55 Read by Stacey Chambers
On Bandy Leg Mountain 18:48 Read by Elijah Fisher
Ab'm's Birthday Party 29:38 Read by Elijah Fisher
Joel Goes A-Fishing 19:01 Read by Elijah Fisher
Why They Said No 23:27 Read by Bridget Gaige
The Bag of Rye Flour 14:08 Read by Bridget Gaige
Mamsie's Surprise 15:44 Read by Bridget Gaige
Dr. Fisher's Visit 20:56 Read by Elijah Fisher
At Grandma Bascom's 13:56 Read by Elijah Fisher
Passengers for the Boxford Stage 23:14 Read by Elijah Fisher
Deacon Blodgett's Bonfire 17:30 Read by Elijah Fisher
Old Man Peters' Cent 17:06 Read by Elijah Fisher
The Stage-Coach Ride 26:20 Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
The Fight at Strawberry Hill 19:20 Read by Rachel
In the Little Brown House 12:50 Read by Rachel
Circus Plans 13:33 Read by Donald Cummings
Circus or Menangerie? 13:56 Read by Mike Justice
Joel's Circus 16:52 Read by Mike Justice
The Minister's Chickens 21:24 Read by Mike Justice
The Blackberries and the Bull 19:01 Read by Mike Justice
How Joel Started the Fire 23:58 Read by KHand
Joel Sells Shoes for Mr. Beebe 23:59 Read by KHand
Miss Parrott's Coach and the Coasting 11:51 Read by Stacey Chambers
Princes and Princesses 17:44 Read by Stacey Chambers


πŸ’› love it

(4.5 stars)

I like this book and the reading is great except E. Fisher is bad reader πŸ˜’. But great book.

(4 stars)

The book is good but it's quite difficult to follow along with some of the readers! Please rerecord!

(3 stars)

Some of the chapters are painful to listen to

E. Fisher is a very bad reader. She has a weird humming in the background in th…

(4 stars)

Great book good job

(5 stars)

at first e Fisher wasn't the best reader, but soon he got more into it and read better ,I would recommend it for anyone who likes the five little pepper series. ignore all the other comments!

the book is a great read.

(5 stars)

l haven't heard it yet but it sounds so much like Jo! love it πŸ˜‚

(5 stars)