Apology of Socrates (version 2)

Read by Phil Chenevert

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The Apology is Plato's version of the speech given by Socrates as he defended himself in 399 BC[2] against the charges of "corrupting the young, and by not believing in the gods in whom the city believes, but in other daimonia that are novel" . "Apology" here has its earlier meaning of speaking in defense of a cause or of one's beliefs or actions. The general term apology, in context to literature, defends a world from attack (opposite of satire-which attacks the world). The text is written in the first person from Socrates' point of view, as though it were Socrates' actual speech at the trial. During the course of the speech, Socrates twice mentions Plato as being present. There is, however, no real way of knowing how closely Socrates' words in the Apology match those of Socrates at the actual trial, even if it was Plato's intention to be accurate in this respect - Summary by Wikipedia (1 hr 16 min)


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lively reading

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A great read of a great book. Since it is a speech by Socrates, therefore it is meant to be heard rather than read and the reader does it justice!

Apology (version 2)

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Well read, fun listen - thanks!

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Very well read. Good voice and also good audio quality.

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Good intonation. A great reading. Thanks!

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Was fun and easy to listen to.