A Country Doctor

Read by Jeannie

(4.3 stars; 22 reviews)

A Country Doctor is a fiction novel by American author Sarah Orne Jewett. The book, which was first published in 1884, was based on the relationship between Jewett and her physician father. The main character of A Country Doctor, Nan, is a young woman who encounters much strife when she decides to go against the traditional values of the day and become a doctor. The book has been listed as an example of the shift in the perception of the role of women in society, with the main character of Nan choosing to pursue her career in medicine rather than a marriage and family - Summary by Wikipedia (7 hr 26 min)


The Last Mile 5:49 Read by Jeannie
The Farm-house Kitchen 17:23 Read by Jeannie
At Jake and Martin's 16:52 Read by Jeannie
Life and Death 15:18 Read by Jeannie
A Sunday Visit 15:20 Read by Jeannie
In Summer Weather 15:58 Read by Jeannie
For the Years to Come 9:30 Read by Jeannie
A Great Change 16:28 Read by Jeannie
At Dr. Leslie's 37:38 Read by Jeannie
Across the Street 37:09 Read by Jeannie
New Outlooks 11:31 Read by Jeannie
Against the Wind 34:50 Read by Jeannie
A Straight Course 17:11 Read by Jeannie
Miss Prince of Dunport 24:15 Read by Jeannie
Hostess and Guest 23:44 Read by Jeannie
A June Sunday 19:45 Read by Jeannie
By the River 21:38 Read by Jeannie
A Serious Tea-drinking 23:52 Read by Jeannie
Friend and Lover 28:22 Read by Jeannie
Ashore and Afloat 25:27 Read by Jeannie
At Home Again 28:00 Read by Jeannie


Worked on 5/2/16

(2 stars)

The book played in it's entirety without any problems. However, I didn't find the story to be very interesting. The 1st three or so chapters were slow. I feel that I was being introduced to a lot of characters unnecessarily. Also, I thought the story was going to focus on Nan's struggle to become a doctor. While that was addressed a few times I feel this is more of a general biography of Nan.

key to hearing chapter 9.

(5 stars)

I just refused to still this book or to skip chapter 9 so i jumped onto Librivox.com and discovered a typo in the URL. if you are as stubborn, here is the link: http://ia801509.us.archive.org/25/items/a_country_doctor_1504_librivox/countrydoctor_09_jewett_128kb.mp3 that being said, thanks Jeannie for a delightful journey with Nan. Your delivery was so delightful that i listened to done chapters over again, just to relive it.

A Regional Masterpiece

(5 stars)

Set in 19th century New England, Sara Jewett has woven a sweet tale of country life and the transition from early to modern America. Descriptive settings and insights on human nature grace the text. Read with feeling and depth by Jeannie.

(4 stars)

Probably a good story and well read but technical difficulties stopped it flowing from one chapter to the next and then I would get the message 'unable to load the book'. Such a shame. Hopefully just a blip. I will try again later.

(5 stars)

Very good book. Kept my attention very well. Good reader .


(1 stars)

book will not load past chapter 9. reported

A Country Doctor

(4 stars)

A well written story.