The Colour of Life

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This is a collection of essays by English poet and author Alice Meynell. The essays in this volume share a dream-like quality, as they explore in few words an idea or a phenomenon observed by the author. - Summary by Carolin (2 hr 11 min)


The Colour of Life 7:38 Read by V Verma
A Point of Biography 8:48 Read by V Verma
Cloud 10:36 Read by Isabelle Lin
Winds of the World 8:59 Read by Isabelle Lin
The Honours of Mortality 2:31 Read by V Verma
At Monastery Gates 9:33 Read by V Verma
Rushes and Reeds 6:02 Read by Isabelle Lin
Eleonora Duse 10:34 Read by V Verma
Donkey Races 10:31 Read by Matthew Datcher
Grass 6:19 Read by SaraHale
A Woman in Grey 9:08 Read by Le
Symmetry and Incident 19:37 Read by SaraHale
The Illusion of Historic Time 10:43 Read by Le
Eyes 10:38 Read by Deon Gines