The Slayer of Souls

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(3.9 stars; 5 reviews)

Tressa Norne is an American living in China. After her life was spared during a revolution in the area, Tressa finds herself taken as a slave and forced to serve Erlik, a demon-god, and his cult. She ends up escaping back to America, but only to find that she is being followed by the Secret Service, and her former masters. (Ann Boulais) (7 hr 11 min)


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pretty dull

(2 stars)

I couldn't finish it. Got to about chapter 5 when I had enough of the "conversations" which are just the same ideas said over and over and over in a slightly different way every time. No one changes their mind, no one believes any one else, everyone sticks to their original ideas/believes and has to explain it about 30 times to the same character in every chapter. Unless things really change after chapter 5, I don't recommend it. But the plot seems very interesting thus the 2 stars.