With Her in Ourland

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(4.1 stars; 9 reviews)

Third in the trilogy of the feminist classics, after Moving the Mountain and Herland. It was published serially in Perkins Gilman's periodical The Forerunner. In Herland, three American young men discover a country inhabited solely by women, who were parthenogenetic (asexual procreation), and had borne only girl children for two thousand years; they marry three of the women. Two of the men and one woman leave the country of Herland to return to America; Jeff Margrave remaining in Herland with his wife, Celis, a willing citizen; Terry O. Nicholson being expelled from Herland for bad conduct; and Ellador electing to leave Herland with her husband, Vandyck Jennings. We now continue the story, told from the viewpoint of Vandyck Jennings, as they return to America. (Summary from the text and by TriciaG) (5 hr 53 min)


Chapter I 26:25 Read by Amelia Chesley
Chapter II 31:20 Read by Amelia Chesley
Chapter III 29:55 Read by Cate Mackenzie
Chapter IV 24:44 Read by Bhavya
Chapter V 27:14 Read by Cate Mackenzie
Chapter VI 29:40 Read by Cate Mackenzie
Chapter VII 26:47 Read by KHand
Chapter VIII 29:54 Read by Amelia Chesley
Chapter IX 29:38 Read by Amelia Chesley
Chapter X 27:42 Read by KHand
Chapter XI 37:20 Read by Lucretia B.
Chapter XII 32:39 Read by Amelia Chesley


(2 stars)

I’m glad this was available as the sequel, but this was not as an engaging story as Herland. This story was entirely too preachy of feminism and, to a lesser extent, socialism. At the time this was written, the feminist perspective was needed, but in current times it is a bit much.