Clara A. Swain, M.D.

Read by Larry Wilson

(3.9 stars; 6 reviews)

This is a brief biography of Clara A. Swain, M.D. who is regarded as the "first Medical Missionary to the Women of the Orient." She graduated from the Woman's Medical College in Philadelphia and was sent out to India where she eventually came to be in the service of royalty. - Summary by Larry Wilson (0 hr 39 min)


Clara A. Swain, M.D. to The Nawab's Gift 19:44 Read by Larry Wilson
First Furlough. to The Last Year of Her Life 19:33 Read by Larry Wilson



(3 stars)

The trouble with biographies of this brevity is that they run the risk of turning into a list of activities. And this little book drifted into this territory as it progressed. I think a full biography Clara Swain would be very interesting, however this wasn't a bad introduction. I'd like to give a more thorough review, being it's first reviewer here on Librivox, but to be honest I listened to the entire book in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep. Although the book was entirely successful in rectifying insomnia, I'm a little foggy on details. Many thanks to the narrator for his steady reading.