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(4.2 stars; 100 reviews)

Masterful short stories about life in Dublin at the turn of the century, by James Joyce. (Summary by Hugh McGuire) (6 hr 57 min)


01 - The Sisters 17:21 Read by Richard Wallis
02 - An Encounter 22:37 Read by Bellona Times
03 - Araby 16:06 Read by Julie VW
04 - Eveline 13:38 Read by Sofia Laureano
05 - After the Race 13:22 Read by Richard Wallis
06 - Two Gallants 23:28 Read by Richard Wallis
07 - The Boarding House 19:00 Read by Bruce Pirie
08 - A Little Cloud 30:09 Read by Bob Sherman
09 - Counterparts 24:20 Read by Bruce Pirie
10 - Clay 17:20 Read by Carol Stripling
11 - A Painful Case 22:43 Read by Bob Sherman
12 - Ivy Day in the Committee Room 31:35 Read by ontheroad
13 - A Mother 24:12 Read by Elizabeth Klett
14 - Grace 44:04 Read by Richard Wallis
15 - The Dead, part 1 34:05 Read by Hugh McGuire
16 - The Dead, part 2 32:39 Read by Hugh McGuire
17 - The Dead, part 3 30:42 Read by Hugh McGuire


(3.5 stars)

I enjoyed listening to The Sisters and Araby, but the encounter, although nicely read was aless enjoyable due to mispronounced words. Mahoney should be pronounced "Mahnee" and quays is pronounced keys.

Well read

(4.5 stars)

I've always enjoyed the book, and the readers caught the whole sense of the author.

Classic story collection and very good recordings

(4 stars)

The recordings in this collection are generally excellent -- the sound quality is high; the readings are very clear and subtle and thoughtful. Hugh McGuire's reading of "The Dead" is a standout. I believe most of the readers are American, due to copyright restrictions. Some have Irish accents or use Irish accents as appropriate; they sound pretty good to my ear, but I speak from total ignorance of accents.

just a sketchbook, not a storybook

(2 stars)

Don't expect anything to happen. This is a sketchbook of characters that really might have been used in action-driven stories but are just left there fairly motionless. Not the masterpiece it is purported to be, sad to say.