The Art of Divine Contentment

Read by J L Raimundo

(4.9 stars; 66 reviews)

"The Art of Divine Contentment" is an exposition by the Puritan minister Thomas Watson of the text found in Philippians 4:11: "I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content." It examines the nature of contentment and how to live it out in the Christian life, both by answering questions regarding problems with contentment and by giving examples of practical contentment. It is a good read for people with religious or historical interests. - Summary by J L Raimundo (4 hr 9 min)


Chapters 1-3 17:07 Read by J L Raimundo
Chapters 4-6 17:15 Read by J L Raimundo
Chapters 7-9 13:17 Read by J L Raimundo
Chapter 10 Part One 29:05 Read by J L Raimundo
Chapter 10 Part Two 24:02 Read by J L Raimundo
Chapter 11 Part One 24:16 Read by J L Raimundo
Chapter 11 Part Two 39:39 Read by J L Raimundo
Chapter 11 Part Three 20:23 Read by J L Raimundo
Chapters 12-13 24:32 Read by J L Raimundo
Chapters 14-15 39:30 Read by J L Raimundo


The Art of being Content in day to day life, a Christian approac

(5 stars)

Beautifully written with numerous references to scripture. The narrator speaks clearly and with necessary emphasis. I will definitely listen to this piece again.

An exposition of peace

(5 stars)

If the Bible is the How to book of life this takes the page from How to find peace and applies it in a time independent format.

(5 stars)

A book to which to listen over and over! Although I would have preferred a male narrator as the author is male, the female narrator did an excellent job!

so convicting!

(5 stars)

This book has really put me in my place. I repent. I think I will need to come back to this often for refreshment and conviction. Thank you for the wonderful narration as well!

what a treat!!

(5 stars)

I can’t recommend the text highly enough - a thorough and able exposition of Philippians 4:11. The reader reads very clearly and expressively making it an enjoyable listening experience. Thank you Ms Raimundo.

amazing book and author

(5 stars)

Thomas Watson is one of my favorite puritans. He's right up there with Charles Spurgeon. it's definitely recommended especially for those going through hard times.

(5 stars)

Totally amazing! If you’re a Christian and want to know about contentment you will absolutely benefit from listening to this.

incredible in sight

(5 stars)

This combined with Andrew Murray's holiness can make a Christian have a fruitful life