Kings, Queens and Pawns: An American Woman at the Front

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(4.4 stars; 6 reviews)

A personal account of the American author's visit to Europe in January 1915 while a war correspondent in Belgium for The Saturday Evening Post. She writes: "War is not two great armies meeting in a clash and frenzy of battle. It is much more than that. War is a boy carried on a stretcher, looking up at God's blue sky with bewildered eyes that are soon to close; war is a woman carrying a child that has been wounded by a shell; war is spirited horses tied in burning buildings and waiting for death; war is the flower of a race, torn, battered, hungry, bleeding, up to its knees in icy water; war is an old woman burning a candle before the Mater Dolorosa for the son she has given. For King and Country!" (Summary by MaryAnn and M.R.R.) (10 hr 26 min)


For King and Country 4:26 Read by Mary in Arkansas
Taking a Chance 27:01 Read by Mary in Arkansas
'Somewhere in France' 15:59 Read by MaryAnn
La Panne 12:41 Read by MaryAnn
' 'Twas a Famous Victory ' 23:11 Read by Marla Welker
A Talk with the King of the Belgians 23:42 Read by Marla Welker
The Cause 15:14 Read by Mary in Arkansas
The Story with an End 12:36 Read by Denise Nordell
The Night Raid on Dunkirk 9:34 Read by Denise Nordell
No Man's Land 22:44 Read by MaryAnn
The Iron Division 22:19 Read by Mary in Arkansas
At the House of the Barrier 13:46 Read by Pamela Nagami
Night in the Trenches 22:59 Read by James K. White
'Wipers' 29:30 Read by MaryAnn
Lady Decie's Story 19:29 Read by Gnomesb
Running the Blockade 21:32 Read by BettyB
The Man of Ypres 23:16 Read by Pamela Nagami
In the Line of the 'Mitrailleuse' 17:00 Read by Pamela Nagami
French Guns in Action 22:06 Read by James K. White
'I Nibble Them' 7:18 Read by Geoff Blanchard
Dunkirk: From my Journal 5:22 Read by Geoff Blanchard
Tea with the Air-Fighters 15:21 Read by fzarate
The Women at the Front 12:21 Read by Geoff Blanchard
The Little 'Sick and Sorry' House 15:16 Read by Sarah Jennings
Flight 11:40 Read by Sarah Jennings
Volunteers and Patriots 7:44 Read by BettyB
A Luncheon at British Headquarters 18:57 Read by BettyB
A Strange Party 11:19 Read by BettyB
Sir John French 12:47 Read by BettyB
Along the Great Bethune Road 15:45 Read by BettyB
The Military Secret 12:37 Read by BettyB
Queen Mary of England 27:00 Read by Gnomesb
The Queen of The Belgians 20:12 Read by BettyB
The Red Badge of Mercy 17:45 Read by Kathleen Moore
In Terms of Life and Death 8:58 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Losing Game 19:09 Read by BettyB
How Americans Can Help 15:00 Read by BettyB
An Army of Children 13:22 Read by BettyB


(4.5 stars)

Very good story. Kept my interest all the way. Now onto another Rinehart book.

A very good view of the war and an interesting read

(4 stars)


(5 stars)

absolutely powerful in its content and inspiringly written.