Fighting the Flames

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Frank Willders is a brave young member of the London Fire Brigade - Willie is his mischievous but helpful younger brother. The two of them encounter a cast of unforgettable characters as Frank and his companions perform heroic rescues and fight the never-ending battle against the flames. Meanwhile the mysterious and sinister Gorman is hatching dark plots, lovely Emma Ward has set Willie’s heart on fire, and Mrs. Denman can’t forgive the courageous fireman who carried her out of a burning building in her nightclothes! All these and more come together in a rousing adventure and inspiring story you won't soon forget. (Summary by Rachel) (9 hr 6 min)


How the Fight Began 17:30 Read by Rachel
Another Little 'Spark' 10:07 Read by Rachel
Fire!!! 17:02 Read by Suzie
A Fierce Fight With the Flames 20:44 Read by Suzie
Willie Willders in Difficulties 16:14 Read by Xenablue
'When one is another who is which?' 8:40 Read by Xenablue
Thoughts in regard to Men 22:20 Read by Xenablue
A Hidden Fire 15:42 Read by Xenablue
Auctions and Gymnastics 15:26 Read by Xenablue
Difficulties and Dissipations 24:05 Read by Xenablue
Wonderful Plans 19:33 Read by Xenablue
A Little Domestic Chit-Chat 14:03 Read by Xenablue
Wild Doings and Daring Deeds 17:08 Read by Xenablue
Joe Corney's Adventure with Ghosts 15:14 Read by Xenablue
A New Phase of Life 15:38 Read by Xenablue
Willie in a New Light 15:34 Read by Xenablue
Home Life 13:29 Read by Xenablue
Joe Corney's Advice 15:01 Read by Xenablue
Dark Plots are hatched 18:41 Read by Xenablue
A little more Hatching 16:27 Read by Xenablue
A Small Tea-Party 25:35 Read by Xenablue
A Fireman's Life 12:24 Read by Xenablue
Mr James Auberly 20:49 Read by Cantos Evenstar
A Change in Fortune 12:38 Read by Lynne T
Changes and Mysteries 21:12 Read by Harley James
What Drink will do 11:52 Read by Harley James
An Old Plot 14:46 Read by Tiwo
At the Post of Duty 18:34 Read by Corey Paige
Willie Willders in Difficulties 9:01 Read by Corey Paige
The Best-Laid Plans 12:56 Read by Cantos Evenstar
New Lights of Various Kinds 16:50 Read by Rachel
The Fire in Tooley Street 27:57 Read by Rachel
The Last 13:24 Read by Rachel


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An entertaining strory and enlightening description of fire fighting and prevention in 19th century London.