Short Stories for Short People

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This is a collection of short stories by Alicia Aspinwall. - Summary by Carolin (4 hr 38 min)


Prefatory Note 2:25 Read by NarratorJenny
A Quick-Running Squash 8:54 Read by Raymond Cockle
Bosh-Bosh Oil - A Fairy Story 26:45 Read by Domenica Campbell
The Toad 6:28 Read by pennykoons
Tula Oolah 17:02 Read by Jesus Marquez
The N. S. Bicycle 11:25 Read by NarratorJenny
The Tiger on the Hudson 13:55 Read by pennykoons
Lucia, the Organ-Maiden 10:15 Read by K.G.Cross
The Shadow 11:14 Read by Reeses118
What the Squirrel did for Richard 13:39 Read by Reeses118
The Runaway Watch 6:14 Read by K.G.Cross
A Grasshopper's Trip to the City 15:17 Read by Reeses118
The Light-House Lamp 5:02 Read by April Walters
Monkey Tricks in the Jungle 7:58 Read by Reeses118
The Upsidedownians 18:16 Read by NarratorJenny
The Iron Dog 13:35 Read by NarratorJenny
My Flannel Rooster 4:08 Read by James K. White
The Statue and the Birds 11:16 Read by Phil Chenevert
The Toad-Boy 10:06 Read by James K. White
The Sad Experience of Poor Pomposity 7:40 Read by Sharon V.
Red-Boots 8:17 Read by pennykoons
Saved 4:08 Read by Sharon V.
The Disobedient Island 13:02 Read by Lynne T
The Bold Bad Bicycle 10:27 Read by Marc Rasi
The Lady of Snow 5:11 Read by K.G.Cross
How the Andirons Took a Walk 2:54 Read by April Walters
Achusetts's Ride to Philadelphia 5:50 Read by Lynne T
The Mouse's Revenge - A Tragedy 5:34 Read by Raymond Cockle
The Tail of a Mouse 2:00 Read by Raymond Cockle


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(5 stars)

we loved this audio book, listened every morning with my daughter before school. great readers great stories