The National Geographic Magazine Vol. 07 - 12. December 1896

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(5 stars; 2 reviews)

The National Geographic Magazine, an illustrated monthly, the December Number.

It includes the following articles:

along with geographic Literature, Geographic Notes, and Miscellanea.

(1 hr 35 min)


The Geography of the Southern Peninsula of the United States 37:45 Read by Carol Cotter
The Sage Plains of Oregon 30:23 Read by Isana
The United States Department of Agriculture and its Biological Survey 4:44 Read by Isana
Statistics of Railways in the United States 3:44 Read by Availle
Geographic Work in Peru 2:56 Read by Carol Cotter
Geographic Literature 8:40 Read by BettyB
Geographic Notes 5:03 Read by BettyB
Miscellanea 2:33 Read by Isana


This is an invaluable book on John Brown and the Civil War.

(5 stars)