The Art of Money Getting (version 2)

Read by Ruth Golding

(4.7 stars; 75 reviews)

Although Barnum considered himself primarily a showman and his main goal was to put money in his own pocket, this little book, subtitled Golden Rules for Making Money does have a good deal of common sense about how to make money, and perhaps more importantly, how to keep it once you've made it. Of course, having been written nearly a century and a half ago, some of the advice may be a little dated, but it remains a very readable self-help book. (Summary by Ruth Golding) (1 hr 54 min)


Section 1 24:55 Read by Ruth Golding
Section 2 37:36 Read by Ruth Golding
Section 3 32:27 Read by Ruth Golding


Sound Advice

(4 stars)

This book is very dated and some of the examples had me chuckling to myself. That being said, the basic principles of this book are excellent and I'm glad I stuck it out.

(5 stars)

An excellent orator, read exceptionally by Ruth Golding. The simple lessons have the most profound impacts. Thoroughly enjoyed this book.

(4.5 stars)

even if the examples are dated the ideas covered are really useful and relevant. Excellent reading by Ruth Guolding.

great book. I now plan to order a paper copy or get it on kindle

(5 stars)

(5 stars)

Very excellent work and Ruth Golding did a fantastic job narrating.

Basic common sense. It sas not what I expected.

(4 stars)

(5 stars)

Simplistic, yet worth its weight in gold.