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The Rose Garden Husband

Gelesen von Mary Herndon Bell

(4,412 Sterne; 80 Bewertungen)

This novel was written by Margaret Widdemer, who won the Pulitzer prize for her collection of poetry in 1919. Phyllis is a 25-years-old children's librarian. She is good at her job. Yet when she sees a girl from her hometown with two children, she discovers she wants more. She marries an invalid who is expected to die. Would she find the love and sense of belonging she craves for? And would he really die?

Note: This book is in the public domain in the USA. The author died in 1978 so may still be protected by copyright in many other countries. - Summary by Stav Nisser (4 hr 26 min)


Chapter 1


Read by Mary Herndon Bell

Chapter 2


Read by Mary Herndon Bell

Chapter 3


Read by Mary Herndon Bell

Chapter 4


Read by Mary Herndon Bell

Chapter 5


Read by Mary Herndon Bell

Chapter 6


Read by Mary Herndon Bell

Chapter 7


Read by Mary Herndon Bell

Chapter 8


Read by Mary Herndon Bell

Chapter 9


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Chapter 10


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Chapter 11


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Chapter 12


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Chapter 13


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Chapter 14


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(5 Sterne)

I find it extremely difficult to find patience with people who criticize the literature and the readers when they are offering this service absolutely free! When a book is written in another era it stands to reason, surely, even to the simplest mind, that it would be written in a style and for an audience suitable to that era! All I can say is...loved the story, and reader...and thank you for taking your valuable time to make it available.

Beautiful story! Well read!

(5 Sterne)

It was a beautiful fairytale type story. The reader was excellent. If you’re looking for reality and present day ideals I don’t know what you are doing reading a fictional story from 75+ years ago. If you have a romantic sensibility and a good sense of humor you will love this one!

So pleasant

(5 Sterne)

I enjoyed this reader's style (Mary Herndon Bell) and the story is so pleasant and sweet. i listened to it a second time with my teen/tween girls and it was innocent enough to listen to in front of my littles also.

Cute story

(5 Sterne)

The narration was great! I had no problem with the "libary lady", since that would be how children would pronounce it. A bit predictable, but a cute story.

Nice story

(3 Sterne)

I really enjoyed the story and liked how it progressed. I was hooked and wanted to know what will happen. Then came the last chapter and although it ended well it felt really rushed.

Product of Times

(3 Sterne)

I loved the reader and didn't find anything too unexpected in this fairly sweet romance. Definitely a light read from the time that a current perspective makes a bit problematic at parts.

l love this book

(5 Sterne)

i am a romantic kind of person. I love this fairytale book. I see that there are no other books by this author. The reader us splendid. Thank you Librivox!

Wonderful Story

(5 Sterne)

Well written and read tale that is quite lovely. Many thanks to the delightful narrator and to LibriVox.