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Adventures Of The Abbotts - OTR

(4,5 Sterne; 4 Bewertungen)

A husband and wife crime-fighting team based on the detective fiction books by Francis Crane. Starring Claudia Morgan and Les Damon as the husband and wife detective team, Jean and Pat Abbott. The show aired from 1945-1947. (Sourced: Adventures Of The Abbots - Free OTR )

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


The Ghost In The Sea Blue Dress

30:04 - The Canary Yellow Message

30:21 - The Sign Of The Golden Dragon

30:24 - The Burnt Copper Powder

30:22 - The Blood Red Diamond

30:18 - The Dead White Flame

30:23 - Treason In Black And White

30:15 - The Clue Of The Ivory Thread



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