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The Avenger (OTR)

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Considered somewhat inferior version of "The Shadow", this show was written by Walter Gibson (Maxwell Grant) and starred James Monks as Jim Brandon, and James LoCurto (who, along with Frank Readick voiced "The Shadow" before the advent of Orson Welles and Lamont Cranston). Sourced: The Avenger, Free OTR (Thanks to "Shadow's Girl" for show clarification!)

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.

Chapters - Death Meets the Ghost (1945.11.02)

30:01 - Diploma of Death (1945.11.16)

30:01 - Death Counts to Ten (1945.11.30)



The entire series of THE AVENGER can be heard on YouTube!

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Indeed, these delightfully cornball shows can be heard on YouTube. There are two playlists. So there are a TON of these shows there. Fairly good quality audio. I love the cornball narrator in the manner somewhat of Clifton Webb. He tends to substitute "thee" for "the" to sound pompous. His assistant is Fern. The story settings are quite good but then the plot is convoluted and comes to an improbable ending, akin to Murder She Wrote. And the theme song played on the organ is like an old fashioned instrumental. The shows, however, are addictive overall. And I do love their quaintness.


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There seems to have been some confusion here. THE AVENGER (this one) ran for 26 episodes from September-December 1945. It can best be described as a somewhat inferior version of THE SHADOW. Like THE SHADOW this one was written by Walter Gibson (Maxwell Grant) and starred James Monks as Jim Brandon, and James LoCurto (who, along with Frank Readick voiced "The Shadow" before the advent of Orson Welles and Lamont Cranston). It's an All-American show. It may have aired in South Africa (our radio programs popped up all over the globe during the war years) but it didn't ORIGINATE there. The show you are confusing it with is THE AVENGERS (which was a re-creation of the British television series for folks out in the Bush) and starred Donald Monat as John Steed and Diane Appleby as Mrs. Emma Peel--this one was produced at the Sonovision Studios in Johannesburg. The sponsor was Cold Water Omo (which is a laundry soap, in case you were wondering. It ran from 1971-1972. But I'll give Jim Brandon and Fern Collier three stars---then I'll start posting the AVENGERS here. update I did post some episodes of THE AVENGERS but they have since been removed by one of the students that were screwing up the site a month or so ago trying to earn "extra credit". We lost a great deal thanks to this free labor.

Please bring Back Missing Shows!

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The storylines on these shows are quite good. The premise is rather corny. But so was The Shadow. So pleeeeeeeeeese bring back the missing shows. The sound quality is excellent except for the telltale scratch of plain old lateral stamped recordings. All recording should have been vertical cut, like modern CDs. Vertical "up and down" recording eliminates groove scratch. So for the three you have, I shall give the highest rating, in anticipation of getting the rest back. Secretive hint from The Max: go to to get the ENTIRE recordings and bring them back here, so they play continuously. A sheynem dank!

I think that first episode should be …

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Does anyone know how two separate Avengers ended up on radio? This one seems to be a close copy of The Shadow. However, there was another Avenger who appeared in the pulps and, later, on radio, a sort of synthesis of Doc Savage and The Shadow, officially penned by Doc Savage’s “Kenneth Robeson.” The latter was notable for his white skin and malleable features. Reportedly no transcriptions remain, only a few scripts. ~ John Mayer

What happened?

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There used to be 32 episodes of The Avenger on her. I know, because I downloaded them from here. Now there are only 3? One star for the lost episodes.

site for the avengers

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Here is a link for a great site for history and restored versions of the Springbok radio The Avengers