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A Bid For Fortune; Or, Dr Nikola's Vendetta

Gelesen von Peter John Keeble

(4,625 Sterne; 60 Bewertungen)

Guy Newell Boothby (1867 – 1905) was a prolific Australian writer. He moved to London in 1894 and became most well-known for his Dr.Nikola mysteries. This book is the first in a series of five and introduces the good doctor himself. Dr Nikola Is a criminal mastermind with an occult twist and like much fiction of that era this book and the following are more about how others fall under his spell and into his web. Here we have an adventure and love story that sweeps us from Australia, the South Seas, the Middle East and rural Hampshire with our lovestruck hero constantly battling against Dr Nikola and his cohorts. The sense of mystery and the exotic settings are exceptionally well portrayed and give the book a nostalgic appeal for the days of imperialists and hardened empire builders. - Summary by Peter Keeble (7 hr 41 min)


Prologue - Dr Nikola


Read by Peter John Keeble

I determine to take a holiday - Sydney and what befel me there


Read by Peter John Keeble



Read by Peter John Keeble

I Visit my Relations


Read by Peter John Keeble

I save an Important life


Read by Peter John Keeble



Read by Peter John Keeble

I meet Dr Nikola again


Read by Peter John Keeble

Port Said and what befel us there


Read by Peter John Keeble

Our imprisonment and attempt at escape


Read by Peter John Keeble

Dr Nikola permits us a free pasage


Read by Peter John Keeble

We Reach Australia and the Result


Read by Peter John Keeble

On the Trail


Read by Peter John Keeble

Lord Beckenham's Story


Read by Peter John Keeble

Following up a Clue


Read by Peter John Keeble

The Islands and what we found there


Read by Peter John Keeble



Read by Peter John Keeble



(5 Sterne)

Well written and convincingly narrated, the mystery will keep you engrossed to the end. Boothby a good writer, who crammed in a great deal of literary production despite his own death at a very young age. Recommend further exploration of his succeeding Dr Nikola series.

a bid for fortune or drop Nicolas vendetta

(5 Sterne)

this wonderful book is true boy's own adventure and captivates the listener from the off . the reader John keeble is nothing less than wonderful. thanks John for giving a really good book a great read !!!

AKA Dr Nikola’s Revenge

(5 Sterne)

This book is also known as Dr Nikola’s Revenge. In the description for the recording of the follow-up story the person writing the description refers to THIS recording as Dr Nikola’s Revenge. Great reading and great story!

Great reading of silly book

(4 Sterne)

A rather weak story but the narration is really great. Just like a weak movie script can be saved by great actors, so Mr Keeble’s reading saves an otherwise silly plotholed story.

First of five in the series

(5 Sterne)

Great adventure! Dr. Nikola is the original bad guy you love to hate. Starting the second book straight away!


(5 Sterne)

Excellent story. The reader is perfect for the story.