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CBS Radio Mystery Theater 1975, page 1

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CBS Radio Mystery Theater was a long-running series of radio dramas created by Himan Brown and hosted by E.G. Marshall. These programs were recorded from a public radio station in 1976. They do not contain news or commercials. 0348 Solid Gold Soldiers; 0349 The Headless Hessian; 0350 The Angels of Devil's Mountain; 0351 The Black Whale; 0352 Assassination in Time; 0353 The Thomas Jefferson Defense; 0354 The Other Self; 0368 A Living Corpse; 0371 Triptych for a Witch; 0374 The Edge of the Scalpel; 0376 The Public Avenger; 0377 Party Girl; 0378 Home is Where the Ghost Is; 0379 The Money Makers; 0388 With Malice Aforethought; 0389 Promise to Kill; 0390 Portrait of a Killer; 0391 Pharaoh's Daughter; 0392 How Quiet The Night.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



CBSRMT 750922 0348 Solid Gold Soldiers_wuwm recorded 7_4_76


CBSRMT 750923 0349 The Headless Hessian_wuwm recorded 7_5_76


CBSRMT 750924 0350 The Angels of Devil's Mountain_wuwm recorded 7_6_76


CBSRMT 750925 0351 The Black Whale_wuwm recorded 7_7_76


CBSRMT 750926 0352 Assassination in Time_wuwm recorded 7_8_76


CBSRMT 750927 0353 The Thomas Jefferson Defense


CBSRMT 750928 0354 The Other Self_wuwm_recorded 7_10_76


CBSRMT 751027 0368 A Living Corpse_wuwm


CBSRMT 751030 0371 Triptych for a Witch_wuwm repeat 4_16_76


CBSRMT 751105 0374 The Edge of the Scalpel_wuwm repeat 4_4_76


CBSRMT 751110 0376 The Public Avenger_wuwm recorded 4_27_76


CBSRMT 751111 0377 Party Girl_wuwm


CBSRMT 751113 0378 Home Is Where the Ghost Is_wuwm (repeat 4_11_76)


CBSRMT 751114 0379 The Money Makers_wuwm recorded 4_28_76


CBSRMT 751201 0388 With Malice Aforethought_wuwm repeat from 5_11_76


CBSRMT 751203 0389 Promise to Kill_wuwm repeat from 5_12_76


CBSRMT 751204 0390 Portrait of a Killer_wuwm_repeat 5_14_76


CBSRMT 751205 0391 Pharaoh's Daughter_wuwm repeat from 5_15_76


CBSRMT 751208 0392 How Quiet The Night_wuwm repeat 5_16_76



Sound alikes

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Has anyone else noticed that Larry Haines sounds like Elliott Lewis? When I first heard Haines (long ago) I thought it WAS Elliott Lewis! Which brings me to this question - Does anyone know why Elliott Lewis was never approached to get involved with CBSRMT? Did he and Himan not get along? If you know POST IT HERE! I'm curious because Lewis was the "go to guy" for Rod Serling, plus, Lewis DID get involved with the Sears/Mutual Radio Theater. Finally, my opinoin on CBSRMT overall is that the vast majority of the stories are pretty good, and the acting is very good, too. It's great to hear some familiar voices from the 40's and 50's !


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As good as the work is on is,out of ignorance I left a critical review ( i did give 5 stars) but never the less it was rude of me to criticize about something that was already here and didn't know about because of my lack of technical knowledge. I also wanted to thank the other reviewer that pointed that out.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater 1975, Page 1

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So Far These Are The Nice's Quality Recordings I Have Heard In Quite Some Time ! I Don't Mind In The Least Having To Download Them By Each Year ! Who Ever Went To All The Hard Work Uploading These Gems ! My Hat Is Off To You !

Thanks but try a little harder

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For someone like myself that listens to hours and hours of OTR on my IPOD it takes so much time to download single episodes. I appreciate the up loaders work but with just a little more efort you could have included a file with all the episodes included.

Thank you so very much!

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I am addicted to these shows! You have made so very many people happy ! I can’t thank you enough! Kudos for being so kind !

VBR zip

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There is an option "VBR zip" on the left side of the page. I have used this option before to download multiple files.

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loved it then, love it now. High quality recordings, easy to hear the words.