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Horror Collection

(4,375 Sterne; 96 Bewertungen)

10 horror episodes from various old time radio shows.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



Beyond midnight-Let Me See Your Face


Darkness-Life Span


Hall Of Fantasy-Black Figurine Of Death


Hermits Cave-The Vampires desire


Inner Sanctum-Dead reckoning


Lights Out-death Robbery


Macabre-Final Resting Place


Suspense-The Giant Of Thermopylaer


The Sealed Book-Devils Island


The weird Circle-The Evil Eye



Very nice sampler

(5 Sterne)

I agree with Vivia, find your favorites n look 'em up for more.

Were not worthy!

(5 Sterne)

Another treasure from my favorite intuition on the web....these are perfect for nighttime listening when you really have to get up in the morning...these give you two tales to dream on, shorties at around 12 min each. Not lengthy enough so you can't stay awake: nice for nighttime short attention span. Volunteers who work hard to preserve these fragile treasures: for all the pleasure you've given thanks and bless you all. xxxxooo

Left review in wrong place

(5 Sterne)

erratum! these are five star too, so no error there. great sampler of classic radio horror! check it out to find a show you like, then find the rest of the episodes thanks volunteers!!


(5 Sterne)

i absolutely loved how it was written.🤟

True Classics

(5 Sterne)

Horror Classics is true classics. I didn't even know about these. The only downfall here is that they didn't include: "THE WHISTLER," "DARK FANTASY," or "BOX 13.". These would of made it a plus...

I fell asleep and never hear the end and now I can’t replay it was good when I …

(3 Sterne)

Horror Collection

(5 Sterne)

These are great! Thanks for saving these and playing them for future generations!

horror plays

(5 Sterne)

all good quality recordings with that great British feel n sound