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Mr. and Mrs. North

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Mr. and Mrs. North was a radio mystery series that aired on CBS from 1942 to 1954. Alice Frost and Joseph Curtin had the title roles when the series began in 1942. In 1946, Mr. and Mrs. North received the first Best Radio Drama Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America. In 1953 Barbara Britton and Richard Denning took over the roles of Mr. and Mrs. North.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



MMN 430203 006 C F 006 Russian Restaurant Murder


wartime - Banker Fairchild killed at Madame Zora's (PART 01 only)


MMN 430505 019 C F 019 Sylvia Fleming Murdered aka Pam and the Orange Scarf PAR…


MMN 431006 041 C F 041 The Letter


MMN 440126 057 C F 057 Literary Murder


MMN 440202 058 C F 058 Mistaken Countess


MMN 440719 082 C F 082 The Norths Get Wired for Sound NoClose StoryComplete


MMN 441011 094 C F 094 The Norths Discover Christopher Columbus aka Who Killed …


MMN 450117 108 C F 108 Frisbie Proves His Point aka Frisby Klisby Times Square …


MMN 460227 166 C F 166 An Invitation To Murder aka Pampered Blue Blood Wilbur W…


MMN 470715 211 C F 211 Milkmans Ring aka Milk Run


MMN 471209 232 C F 232 Clarinet In The Country aka Murder In AFlat Jam Session


MMN 500103 339 C F 339 Filed Skate AFRS


MMN 500905 361 C F 361 Million Dollar Murder akaWoman In A Red Dress


MMN 501200 xxx C F xxx Who Killed Mr Stefano aka Opera Murder Pretty Hands Coul…


MMN 510130 382 C F 382 Charles Wyatt Murder akaFraud Murder AFRS


MMN 520212 436 C F 436 The Premature Corpse aka Hathaway Murder


MMN 520304 439 C F 439 The Heavenly Body AFRS


MMN 520311 440 C F 440 Dont Cry Wolf AFRS


MMN 520318 441 C F 441 Murder Mismanaged


MMN 520325 442 C F 442 Death In The Dark


MMN 520401 443 C F 443 The Last Escape


MMN 521014 471 C F 471 Fools Gold NxtWk Curtain for Regis


MMN 530609 504 C F 504 Wheel Of Chance


MMN 530630 515 D B 001 Coat Of Arms


MMN 530707 516 D B 002 The Comic


MMN 530714 517 D B 003 Bet On Murder


MMN 530728 511 D B 005 Family Affair AFRS


MMN 530804 512 D B 006 The Diamond Noose


MMN 530825 515 D B 009 Crooked Ring


MMN 530929 House Of Hate [D&B]


MMN 531006 521 D B 015 Brother Danny


MMN 531020 523 D B 017 Masquerade AFRS


MMN 531027 524 D B 018 Runaway From Murder


MMN 531103 525 D B 019 Hostage


MMN 531110 526 D B 020 Death Comes in Cans




MMN 531124 528 D B 022 Shoot To Kill AFRS


MMN 531201 529 D B 023 Death Is Forever AFRS


MMN 531208 530 D B 024 The Man With A Rifle EndgCut


MMN 540202 538 D B 032 Cry Foul AFRS


MMN 540209 539 D B 033 Collectors Item AFRS


MMN 540316 544 D B 038 The Fallen Star


MMN 540919 562 D B 058 Operation Murder


MMN 541004 564 D B 060 Nightwalk 15


MMN 541005 565 D B 061 Nightwalk 25


MMN 541006 566 D B 062 Nightwalk 35


MMN 541007 567 D B 063 Nightwalk 45


MMN C F Gangster Douglas Grant Mystery Playhouse 440412


MMN C F Honey Jones akaDime A Dance AFRS


MMN C F Missing Sparkler Frontline Theatre 43.00.00


MMN C F Murder By The Book akaGordon Gilroy 440301 is an INCORRECT date


MMN C F Pam Goes It Alone Mystery Playhouse 440802


MMN C F Pam Solves It Mystery Playhouse 440809


MMN D B Deadly Innocent


MMN D B Die Hard 520325 is INVALID DATE


MMN D B No Vacation From Murder


MMN D B Touch Of Death



There wasn't a weekly "show" like many other OTR programs.

(4 Sterne)

The Mr. and Mrs. North shows popped up irregularly. They were interesting enough for me to check out the source - the books by Richard and Frances Lockridge. The books are much better than the radio programs - the quirky, playful dialogue, only hinted at in the radio programs, gets much more emphasis in the books. And the setting - New York City in the 1940s to early 1960s is something to be savored, like the very cold martinis with lemon peel that the Norths drink every chance they get. Not great mystery novels - but very enjoyable, amusing and relaxing. They will make you nostalgic for a New York City that is no more. Here are the books: The Norths Meet Murder (1940) Murder Out of Turn (1941) A Pinch of Poison (1941) Death on the Aisle (1942) Death Takes a Bow (1943) Hanged for a Sheep (1944) Killing the Goose (1944) Murder Within Murder (1946) Untidy Murder (1947) Payoff for the Banker (1948) Murder Is Served (1948) Death of a Tall Man (1949) The Dishonest Murderer (1949) Murder in a Hurry (1950) Murder Comes First (1951) Dead as a Dinosaur (1952) Death Has a Small Voice (1953) Curtain for a Jester (1953) A Key to Death (1954) Death of an Angel (1955) Voyage into Violence (1956) The Long Skeleton (1958) Murder is Suggested (1959) The Judge is Reversed (1960) Murder Has Its Points (1961) Murder by the Book (1963)

Good Shows, But Terrible Sound Transfer

(2 Sterne)

Can someone step up to the plate and process the poor audio transfers? It runs the otherwise great shows. The levels are all over the place: very low or very high. Then very muddy or very shrill. Need a professional to fix it. It's not enough to simply acquire show and post them no matter what the sound quality.

A True Professional?

(4 Sterne)

I am not sure if people realize that is run by volunteers. All professionals in their own right. After listening to a few of these stories I do agree they need some work. I re-processed one episode just to balance out those highs and lows on my own computer. I appreciate the fact that these programs need work, maybe one could volunteer to upgrade these programs. And then upload them here? I watched Mr. and Mrs. North when they were rebroadcast on of all places Christian television and was very happy to find the radio shows on here. I will download the whole set and see if there isn't any way to clean them up and send them back here. If I have the time that is.

Entertaining and Funny

(4 Sterne)

For a couple who aren't homicide detectives, death sure finds them everywhere! Mrs. North's penchant for sticking her nose in where it doesn't belong left me laughing more often than not. The audio quality on a few episodes has me straining to understand but overall it it just reminded me of growing up listening to radio and how far radio has come. Yay! One story near the end spans several episodes and the end of that story is missing. Thank you to Old Time Radio for making this available for us.


(3 Sterne)

i enjoy old radio programs a ton. radio today honestly lacks hugely by comparison even if it can be dated or corny. These are enjoyable enough and i agree the books are better. i am pretty sure there is a show based on the books as well... acorntv app i want to say has it. the only problem with these recordings are the ones around 14 minutes... they cut off and are unfinished. At first I thought it was sequential and carried over in the next episode lol nope! oh well

Warm Norths

(3 Sterne)

I first heard this series in the '70s and was taken in by the combo of light romance, danger and mystery. Now, time has taken its toll and tho still good, shows its age.

Amateur-sleuthing-couple stories with a light touch

(5 Sterne)

The stories are good; the acting, very good; but the distinct pleasure in this show is the well-written repartee between the Norths.

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(5 Sterne)