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Mystery in the Air

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Complete old-time radio series "Mystery in the Air", hosted by and starring Peter Lorre. Lost Episodes: 1945 Season (Stonewall Jackson series starring Jackson Beck): All 12 Episodes 1947 Season: #1 The Tell-Tell Heart #2 Leiningen Versus The Ants #3 The Touch of Your Hand #4 The Interruption #5 Nobody Loves Me

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



The Great Barastro


The Lodger


The Horla


Beyond Good and Evil


The Mask of Medusa


The Queen of Spades


The Black Cat


Crime and Punishment



Peter Lorre at his manic best

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I first encountered 'Mystery in the Air' back in the mid '80s when I came across a cassette copy of "The Black Cat". It was great many years later to finally download and listen to the other seven episodes. The series really showcases Peter Lorre's talent, which makes it a fun listen. It's a series I like to revisit every few years, just for fun. True story: In a neighborhood where I used to live, there was an almost solid black cat who used to hang out at my house. One day, I noticed he had a torn ear like the cat in the Poe story, so not knowing his real name, I called him 'Pluto' and jokingly talked to him like Peter Lorre. Eventually, he would only respond to my Peter Lorre voice.

Lorre is Da Man!

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Peter Lorre died on March 23, 1964. That's 47 years ago. Yet everyone still knows EXACTLY who he was. As for you who criticize you think YOu will be remembered almost half a century after you're dead? This series is terrific (and those rants were the "Lorre schtick" that made him so beloved as a character actor...whether in THE MALTESE FALCON, CASABLANCA or those Roger Corman movies. But if you want to see just HOW good an actor he was...check out the Mr. Moto series of movies he made between 1937 and 1939. OR in Disney's 1954 version of 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA....

Not many, but well done

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I really enjoyed this series because it was very well produced and performed. The stories were on the romantic side with a touch of madness added. If you're familiar with the work of Peter Lorre, you'll understand since he's the star. If you like his brand of acting that is sometimes punctuated with outbursts of creepy histrionics, you'll like this. (There's even an episode here where this actually works to the actor's disadvantage.) Since it seems to hinge on his persona (at least in the 2 episodes I've heard), it should be something you already enjoy.

Interesting historical resource!

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I disagree with any talk of "overacting." Peter Lorre was an excellent actor who could shine very brightly, given the proper material. The problem was he wasn't always given very high quality material to work with. Plus I don't think his heart was really in all those murder jokes, heh. It was something he felt forced into. That being said, it's wonderful that these clips are now available to the public after all this time. They really represent a different era in entertainment and our cultural history. :)


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I loved these and I think the horla is my favorite. very creepy. would I like to be rembered 47 years after my death?! yes especially if it's the same way he was. instantly recognizable voice, which at times would go into that trademark rant and, despite who he was playing, would make me chuckle! A great series of stories! Wish there was more!

Peter Lorre

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To the critic who denigrated lorre's speech habits... Along with many other entertainers he fled Nazi Germany. His first language is obviously not English, and according to what I've read, he read phonetically before he learned his new country's language. Excellent shows! So happy to find new versions of old favorites!!

The Horla

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Yep, I'll second The Horla as being the stand out piece here. Audio quality is good. Thanks, original uploader! A really fun series, especially if you're into Peter Lorre...and who isn't? Add 1/2 of a star to my rating.


(5 Sterne), you've done it again! This is my 3rd (or 4th :) favorite old time radio show. Fans of suspense and horror will not be disappointed with Mystery in the Air. After all, its stars Peter Lorre!